Club Med keeps top performers and expands luxury vacations.

“Workday helps us bring the right level of technology to personnel globally at a time when the pace of technological change is accelerating.”—Director of Transformation and Digital HR

Deepened the bond with staff

Helped retain valued personnel

Supported career development

Ensured anytime, anywhere access

To stay ahead in the highly competitive hospitality industry, Club Med is continuing its dynamic development, with three to five new resort openings annually worldwide.

But this expansion must not come at the expense of service levels. Consequently, the company needs to stay focused on maintaining the commitment of personnel as the business develops.

The first tool we deployed was used by 100% of employees worldwide.

Chief Human Resources Officer

Transformative, pioneering, state-of-the-art, comprehensive.

Club Med recognized that Workday could transform its HR operation and support the company strategy. David Gacon, director of digital transformation and digital HR, Club Med, explains, “Happy Digital is about using digital technology to better support our people, and Workday enabled us to meet our goals.” With Workday, Club Med can deliver the same level of service excellence to its employees that employees deliver to customers. “We saw that Workday could support our transformation plans,” says David Gacon.

With Workday, Club Med can strengthen HR processes, including recruitment, learning, and employee evaluations. Sylvie Brisson, chief human resources officer, Club Med, says, “It was important for us to work with a state-of-the-art product. When we looked at Workday, we discovered it was a complete solution.”

Building relationships with employees.

Club Med is deepening its relationship with employees through Workday, helping new recruits get oriented and become familiar with colleagues and company procedures, even before their first day. Using Workday, Club Med managers can highlight key personnel objectives, boost staff retention, and ensure that valued employees stay with the company.

Digitizing HR processes worldwide.

Workday is the first digital solution Club Med has rolled out to all 25,000 employees. “The first tool we deployed was used by 100 percent of employees worldwide,” says Sylvie Brisson. Driving the Happy Digital strategy is a significant investment and it’s become a reference case study across the organization for the transformative power of technology.

Better talent retention.

Club Med is willing to win the battle that companies in the hospitality industry face with the high turnover of seasonal staff. Says Sylvie Brisson, “We have lots of seasonal contracts, and when you first start at a Club Med resort, it can be difficult to understand where you are, what your role is, and what team you’re in. Thanks to Workday, you can discover who your colleagues are and whom you report to as soon as you join.”

Club Med will identify the most valuable seasonal staff through Workday well before the end of a season. It was difficult in the past to extract the information early enough. Sylvie Brisson says, “A valued member of our seasonal staff will have at least two contract offers during the current season.”

Encouraging personal development.

Employees are embracing Workday’s learning features to network with colleagues on required training so they can plan and develop their careers.

Creating a digital community.

With Workday behind Club Med’s Happy Digital strategy, Club Med is sharing information across multiple digital platforms, ensuring that staff enjoy a high-quality digital experience. David Gacon says, “The pace of change is accelerating, and it’s important for the success of the business that we make sure data is available anytime, anywhere. Workday is bringing the right level of technology to our people, globally.”

Workday has enabled us to catch up with the technological revolution. Thanks to Workday, everybody will discover the benefits of digitization.

Chief Human Resources Officer

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