Bill Gosling Outsourcing transforms training into a business advantage.

Bill Gosling Outsourcing creates client value and gains business agility with Workday Learning.


increase in enrollments from 2018 to 2020


compliance training completion rate


days for compliance training, down from 6 months


of new employees now complete training on day 1

For client-centric companies like Bill Gosling Outsourcing, employee education and training are business-critical activities that can make a huge difference in the client experience. Bill Gosling Outsourcing employees needed to master multiple client programs across the organization’s business regions, but limited visibility made it challenging to manage training. The company also wanted to make learning easily consumable and improve completion rates and times for compliance training. When the pandemic hit, Bill Gosling Outsourcing had to act quickly to enable the entire organization to learn remotely.

With 160,000 enrollments, we had no mystery enrollments or drops. Workday Learning is the most solid learning solution I’ve seen.

Senior Vice President of Learning, Innovation and Communication

Developing a highly skilled and versatile workforce.

Bill Gosling Outsourcing was one of the first customers to deploy Workday Learning. Joel MacCharles, senior vice president of Learning, Innovation, and Communication, says, “In Workday Learning, we immediately recognized our own vision of offering compelling, on-demand learning in bite-sized chunks.” Bill Gosling Outsourcing uses Workday Learning to onboard and train new employees. The solution is key for the company’s employee development program, helping workers acquire general business skills and gain the expertise they need to deliver services to their clients and clients’ end customers. 

Because Workday Learning draws on employee information in Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), Bill Gosling Outsourcing replaced manual processes for managing learning for thousands of globally distributed employees with simpler, automated learning management. “We gained a solution that would connect our people data with learning management,” MacCharles says. “We already had Workday, so Workday Learning was the best way to go.”

Communicating company-wide and reskilling employees.

Employee training at Bill Gosling Outsourcing enables the flexibility and ease to make changes on client programs quickly. MacCharles explains, “Program managers can quickly create a message in Workday Learning with any client updates and get them out to their teams immediately.”

Employees can access client-specific and general training content any time. A long menu of 90-second courses offers tips on performing tasks with business software and highly specific details and policies around clients. “Ad hoc training in Workday Learning allows us to reskill people for client programs without interrupting what they’re doing,” MacCharles says.

The Greater Toronto Area Contact Centre Association recognized us with an award because of how we use Workday Learning to empower people working at home.

Director, Compliance & Projects

Empowering managers with visibility and control.

In Workday Learning, managers pull reports and use dashboards to see the status of their teams’ learning and take action if needed. Unlike standalone learning management tools, Workday Learning connects to Workday HCM and Workday Talent, so managers can review data and analytics about the company’s training activities in a meaningful context within the overall business. When managers talk to clients, they can immediately show them how Bill Gosling Outsourcing organizes and completes trainings for people working their programs. They can also make immediate changes in training delivery; for example, to better align training with employee retention and performance goals. MacCharles notes, “Workday Learning lets managers be in control and allows them to show clients the value we bring to them.”

Workday Learning transfers training accountability to where it belongs, with the managers and workers who need to complete training.


Lightning-fast response to COVID-19.

At the start of the pandemic, almost nobody was allowed to work from home. Days later, the company had to enable all employees to do so. Many lacked email, and Workday Learning became the go-to communications tool. Training for new employees as well as learning related to clients continued remotely without disruptions. Employees also used Workday Learning for self-assessments to evaluate the cybersecurity of their home offices in preparation for the company’s COVID-19 home audits. 

Clients noticed how well Bill Gosling Outsourcing managed people and programs during the pandemic. MacCharles comments, “The success of our e-learning during COVID-19 has won us the first client that we can offer development of training material as a revenue-generating, outsourced service.”

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