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The changing world of the CIO

Digital transformation delivers more questions than answers. Organisations across all industries are challenged with finding new ways to drive growth and increase resilience in fast-moving times. So how do they keep up?

How application architecture supports your digital business model
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Organisational agility: The key to driving digital growth
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Innovation for the changing world of IT
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Architected for agility

Choosing and implementing an agile architecture for your back-office systems can reap benefits for the CIO and the IT organisation. It removes constraints to change, and allows you to focus on innovation. Moving to a cloud-based architecture will set you on this path, but the architecture must be designed to deliver reliable and efficient operations, and have the flexibility needed for innovation at scale.

A Day in the Life: Workday Architecture
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One solution was absolutely critical for us because it allowed us to make decisions much quicker. It means having the insights available at the time the decisions need to be made, but also making sure that those decisions can be made at the right levels in the organisation.

James Ross

CIO Global Functions IT, General Electric International

Privacy by design

An agile technology architecture must be secure and dependable as your business grows. Data privacy must be safeguarded at every step, and be adaptable and responsive to the reality of ongoing regulatory change.

A Day in the Life: Workday Security
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Open and integrated

Business needs to protect investment in its existing IT infrastructure while pursuing an agile architecture strategy. Diverse systems need to be able to seamlessly integrate with other systems, and to evolve and extend to needs that you may not be aware of yet.

The Workday Tech Strategy
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