The University of Pennsylvania keeps its campus safe and healthy.

The Ivy League institution stays compliant with public health guidance thanks to effective COVID-19 vaccination management.

App built in 30 days and used by thousands in first week

Able to securely collect vaccine data on desktop and mobile

Gained centralised reporting with the flexibility needed for changing conditions

Why Penn chose Workday Extend.

For more than a year, most university faculty and staff had been working off campus due to COVID-19. With the availability of vaccines and a return to campus ahead, the university needed a way to track vaccination status for the new academic year. Since Workday is the system of record at the university, the leadership team wanted the ability to easily capture and secure vaccine information in Workday.

App deployed: Vaccine Management.

Vaccine Management is the first app built by the university’s central IT team using Workday Extend. It offers faculty and staff a self-service process to upload COVID-19 vaccine information, such as immunisation and eventual booster shot records. The app appears as a new task natively within the Workday interface on both desktop and mobile. Employees can easily and securely upload their information while viewing consistent privacy and legal terms. Built with flexibility in mind, the app also supports contingent workers, staff who received vaccines internationally, additional vaccine manufacturers and doses received.

UPenn Workday Extend app screen shows users a list of current vaccinations and ability to add vaccination to their record

We’re confident that our Vaccine Management app can meet our needs as the environment changes, allowing for vaccine exemptions and approvals to be added with ease. 

Associate Provost for Finance and Planning

Benefits and results.

With Workday Extend, the university can now efficiently capture and track vaccine status across its faculty and staff in a central location. This gives the leadership team the data needed to respond to any future changes. Because the app is seamlessly integrated within the Workday interface, user adoption has been high. In the first week, thousands of faculty and staff successfully used the app in Workday. The app was developed, tested and deployed within 30 days by a single developer using resources available in the Workday Extend developer portal, including the app catalogue and Workday Community. Moving forward, the university is exploring how it can use Workday Extend to optimise existing processes in other areas, such as reviewing departmental compensation changes, providing adoption benefits, automating security change/compliance requests and integrating with Workday Learning for faculty and students.

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