Marel gains transparency and speed by deploying a single HR system.

With Workday, Marel gains global visibility into its workforce, empowering leaders to answer critical questions in minutes.


data accuracy achieved for the first time


systems and 200+ spreadsheets replaced


weeks to 3 minutes for head-count reporting time


Before Workday, Marel didn’t have a core HR system; it used various local point solutions, Excel spreadsheets and manual processes. Finding basic information, such as its total number of employees, was difficult.

When a new, data-oriented CEO came onboard, Marel decided that it needed one simpler, smarter and faster HR system for its global organization. The company was also looking for a system that would help it design and roll out new HR policies and programmes related to talent management, workforce planning, employee engagement, HR technology and processes. After evaluating solutions, it chose Workday.

Workday has been a real lifesaver for us. Workday has a 98% customer satisfaction rate and we are definitely part of that group of happy customers.

Global Head of HR Centers of Excellence

Why Workday.

Marel chose Workday because it provided a single HR system, fast deployment, and one version of the truth. Workday Human Capital Management is a scalable solution that supports continued growth, provides improved analytics and insights, and allows for continuous innovation.

Workday in action.

Workday gave Marel global visibility into its workforce. With the transparency and speed of Workday, Marel can answer questions in minutes instead of weeks. And HR is now seen as a strategic partner to the business.

Marel is growing through acquisitions, and the flexibility and agility of Workday makes it easy for the organisation to integrate and report on new companies. With less duplicate data entry and Workday as its unified data core, Marel is saving time and money and improving data quality.

Deployed in 30 countries in 7 months

Saved money by eliminating double data entry

Adopted a global set of processes and roles – no exceptions

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