John Muir Health gains efficiency with a single finance and HR system.

Since going live with Workday in 2012, John Muir Health has optimised its processes, empowering greater flexibility.


John Muir Health needed a long-term solution that could provide the data integrity, process automation and flexibility needed to run a more efficient, strategic and centralised organisation.

Why Workday.

Long-term focus was placed upon simplifying the overall technology landscape and minimising the effort needed to support and maintain systems. Since going live in 2012, John Muir Health has leveraged Workday to optimise business processes, improve collaboration and change how work effort is applied in the organisation.

People now have confidence in the data, which has led to a strategic shift in the organisation to think of more along the lines of ‘What can we do for the business?’


Benefits and results.

Functional scalability and flexibility.

Manual processes were replaced with efficiency, flexibility and control to help support functional scale. Once heavily reliant on IT to support changes and integrations, greater automation and efficiency now exist that give time to refocus on value-add activity.

Reduced HR integration support by 25%

Saved $650,000 annually by reducing accounting FTEs needed

Payroll transformation.

John Muir Health realised fewer mistakes and greater process efficiency from a unified system, consistent innovation and reduced data entry. Added self-service capabilities reduced staff questions. Payroll can offer more business support and shift its focus from manual entry to proactive quality control.

Decreased calculation errors from 1% to 0.3%

Finance excellence and cost control.

Finance reduced manual processes while maximising efficiency and control within key finance processes. It reduced the FTEs needed to support the function while simultaneously improving process outputs. Workday provided trustworthy and timely data to support business decisions. Leaders leverage both real-time and trended information, which has improved accountability, policy adherence and cost control.

Reduced external audit time by 500 hours

Sped up closing and reporting with 40% fewer support FTEs

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