Discount Tire drives HR efficiency and scalability to support growth.

Workday supports Discount Tire’s growth and expansion while enhancing the end-user experience and ensuring iron-clad security.

less time to support open enrolment

less time to onboard new hires

hours saved annually after enabling direct access

annual savings in payroll head-count avoidance


While Discount Tire has experienced continued explosive growth since its inception, the retailer faced challenges with its 20-year-old on-premise system that could no longer keep pace with the company’s innovation.

Why Workday.

Following thorough and parallel evaluations, Discount Tire unanimously selected Workday, its first cloud-based system, to help drive efficiencies and scalability for continued growth and an enriched end-user experience. The company no longer needs bolt-on systems and has avoided costly upgrades. Since going live on Workday, Discount Tire has almost doubled the size of its workforce.

Benefits and results.

Process automation and configuration.

Prior to Workday, Discount Tire’s HR and payroll processes were entirely paper-based. With the configurable business process framework (BPF) in Workday, the company has streamlined and automated key processes, including onboarding, open enrolment, payroll processing, and compensation changes. HR and Payroll teams now work cohesively as partners to the business with continuously evolving roles that go beyond data input and administration.


less time to support open enrolment.


50% less time to onboard new hires.

User experience.

The improved end-user experience now greets new hires with an automated onboarding process. Employees benefit from self-service capabilities, including benefits administration and direct access, which provides access to information such as pay slips.

Saved 490 hours annually after enabling direct access.

Reduced time to get information from days to minutes.

Organisational management and security.

Discount Tire now benefits from a system that provides iron-clad security and scalability. The reporting capability in Workday enables actionable strategic and operational insights, supporting the company through growth, expansion, and internal restructuring.

days to implement a segment reorganisation.

annual savings in payroll head-count avoidances.

Data integrity and audit.

The audit capabilities in Workday have improved visibility into workflow history and business process status, leading to greater accountability. Discount Tire can confidently rely on Workday for one source of data, reports, and analytics.

less time to perform on-site audit annually after enabling direct access.

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