Designit simplifies decision-making processes and improves people experiences.

“Workday ticks all the boxes. We wanted one unified, cloud-based system that is intuitive and easy to use.” – Director, Global Finance, Accounting and Reporting

Consolidated 3 applications into 1

Monthly close reduced from 6 days to 2

Consistent global processes

Increased accessibility with mobile app

The days of traditional accounting are long gone in the professional services industry. Finance now acts as a true support function and provides essential data the business needs to make better decisions. But Designit was challenged by unreliable data. Housed in several systems, data was incomplete and outdated, and reporting was tricky and time-consuming. 

Designit needed one system that removed silos in between its departments and could support its business around the globe to be more efficient and agile, and respond to market challenges. Its people processes were not aligned, which meant critical information was inaccessible, complicating team management and providing a disjointed people experience.

Agility and simplicity in a single system.

Designit wanted to bring its finance and HR functions into a flexible system that puts users at the centre. And that’s what it gets with Workday. Christine Leitgeb, global lead financial controller at Designit, says, “Workday fits beautifully into our strategy. Designit is a very young and agile company, so we’re really moving with the market. Workday is the perfect fit for us.” 

Michael Sylva, global head of Finance and Operations at Designit, adds, “In a growing company, you need all your resources to focus on areas that add value. And with our legacy systems, we were spending far too much time getting our hands on data that was obsolete. That’s why we chose to switch to Workday.”

Global growth through enhanced insights.

Designit went live with Workday in 11 countries in 7 months and now it’s reaping the benefits of a more transparent and flexible system. With Workday, Designit has analytics and dashboards that are easily accessible to its top management, providing the most important KPIs and insights to make decisions in real time. 

Closing at month end has also become a much easier task. Michael explains, “Regardless of whether we’re doing a monthly close or a year-end close, it’s just like a normal day here.” 

What’s more, having up-to-date reporting at its fingertips has transformed Designit’s experience. Michael adds, “Now, if I look at a profit and loss statement and I want to see the distribution cost by codes, operating expense or any other financial or business dimension, I can get it immediately. In the past, I had to wait weeks. As a business leader, Workday allows me to focus on better supporting the business. Our finance system runs seamlessly in the background.”

Upgraded people experience and processes.

With Workday, employees have the same employee experience no matter where they are in the world. “It’s very important for us that someone in Tokyo can do the same things as a person in Tel Aviv or Colombia. We’re a global organisation, and it’s vital to have the same processes everywhere because it makes maintenance and training much easier”, says Christine. 

She adds, “It’s also really important to us that people can be flexible and do what they need to on the go, without being tied to their desks. Whether they need to do their expenses or browse the company directory to contact someone, they can do it all in Workday.”

What’s driving our business is people and the hours they spend on projects. So, in terms of understanding the financial figures, having one system for HR and finance has been invaluable.

Global Head of Finance and Operations

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