Bill Gosling Outsourcing transforms finance and people management.

By evolving its practice, Bill Gosling Outsourcing gains advanced business insight and designs the company’s future.

Uses 80% of finance time for analysis

Reduced margin volatility

Remote onboarding and training

Account health easy to assess

Bill Gosling Outsourcing is a multinational service provider of contact centre solutions with operations in Canada, Costa Rica, the Philippines, the UK and the U.S. Originally, the company was looking for an HR system that could also help transform finance management, which was overly focused on administrative tasks. Finance team members felt they could bring more value to the business by providing insight to enable executives and managers to make decisions. They hoped to make finance processes more productive through automation and help the business respond faster to changing client requests.

As a CFO, my mandate is to create capital, not just count it. Workday helps me achieve this.


Reinventing finance and HR.

Bill Gosling Outsourcing decided to move forward with Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management. CFO Joe Fanutti says, “I saw that Workday could be an analytics system that allowed me to deliver people-related and financial insight to decision-makers.” The company decided to rethink its approach to how a finance system should function and explore how finance could use Workday to enable decision making and bring agility to the business.

Analytics to power the business.

After adopting Workday, Bill Gosling Outsourcing automated many routine processes, reduced turnover and improved its reporting. Finance and HR managers soon expanded on the initial use cases for the system. They began using Workday to perform predictive analytics and meet clients’ needs proactively. Then, the company improved labour-cost forecasting and management and achieved complete transaction processing automation. “After we automated transactions in Workday, finance managers gained time for analysing data and can offer guidance to the business,” Fanutti says. “Workday analytics let us look at data in a multidimensional format, not just in a linear manner like in traditional ERP systems.”

  • Automate transactional and routine processes

  • Perform predictive analytics to provide decision guidance

  • Connect finance and HR systems, data flows and insights

Bill Gosling Outsourcing uses Workday Prism Analytics to assess finance, people, operational and other data in client scorecards and determine the business value and profitability of each account. HR and finance continue to refine predictive analytics and planning, aiming for a level of insight and automation that enables more innovation while eliminating remaining manual routine actions. David Rae, chief executive officer at Bill Gosling Outsourcing, says, “Workday always delivers continuous innovation with new functionality, which in turn enables us to keep innovating our business.”

Workday always delivers continuous innovation with new functionality, which in turn enables us to keep innovating our business.

Chief Executive Officer

Continuing transformations.

Bill Gosling Outsourcing uses Workday at a strategic level, but still relies on it to make business activities faster and more efficient. Most recently, the company has increased its agility by advancing remote workforce management, including recruitment, onboarding and training people entirely remotely. Workday enables Bill Gosling Outsourcing to continue its business transformation with the ability to adapt quickly and provide efficient solutions for clients worldwide. 

Connecting HR and finance systems and augmenting the skills of HR and finance managers are critical for the company in continuing to transform the business. Fanutti recommends, “You need to link HR and finance processes to make them more holistic and intelligent, like we did in Workday. Then you can allow managers to contribute as business analysts, translating data into business insight.”

After we automated transactions in Workday, finance managers gained time for analysing data and now can offer guidance to the business.

Chief Financial Officer

Improving forecasting and margins.

Bill Gosling Outsourcing found that Workday’s analytical tools, together with finance and HR capabilities, offered many opportunities for business insight and process improvements. Managers use Workday to improve labour cost forecasting and management. The finance team can see and control margins at any time; not just following month-end closes. Kenny Johnston, president of Bill Gosling Outsourcing, says, “One of the most important results we achieved with Workday was reducing the volatility of margins.”

Instead of using 80 per cent of finance time for transaction processing and 20 per cent for analysis, we flipped this around.

Chief Financial Officer

Insight to power the future.

Deploying Workday helped the company automate and accelerate many routine processes. “Instead of using 80 percent of finance time for transaction processing and 20 percent for analysis, we flipped this around”, says Fanutti. “That gives us a much healthier balance to take the business forward.” 

With administrative burdens largely removed, finance and HR teams can take a greater role in ensuring the continued viability of Bill Gosling Outsourcing. Rae says, “By performing predictive analytics in Workday to run financial and human capital planning based on key business drivers, we can ensure a great future for the company.”

We elevated our training capacity and can now see the benefits of optimising the virtual learning experience, which translates into better results on a global scale.

VP, Learning and Innovation

Boosting the health of client accounts.

To understand current and historic data, Bill Gosling Outsourcing relies on Workday Prism Analytics and Workday Adaptive Planning. Measuring the true business value of accounts is an important use case for data-driven analysis. “We rely on Workday to determine the health of our client accounts”, Fanutti says. “In Workday Prism Analytics, we can combine financial, people, and operational metrics into a scorecard. We can review the data from various perspectives and improve account performance.”

By performing predictive analytics in Workday to run financial and human capital planning based on key business drivers, we can ensure a great future for the company.

Chief Executive Officer

Training to drive transformation.

With digital transformation speeding ahead, Bill Gosling Outsourcing decided to adjust its use of Workday Learning in employee training. Managers introduced automations to escalate compliance trainings and tighten timelines. These changes help team managers oversee employees’ progress and keep them on track with required training. 

So far, of the 414 courses introduced in the last 12 months, average completion rates have gone from 21 days to 6.5 days. Currently, 99.99 per cent of all required training is complete, with less than 0.01 per cent being late. This includes compliance, client-specific and company training.

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