Basic-Fit’s love of helping people starts with its employees

Basic-Fit is communicating with its diverse workforce to understand and meet everybody’s needs, every day.

Better focus on training and onboarding

Deeper insight into the daily challenges employees face

Organisation-wide understanding of DE&I issues

Sharpened learning and development capabilities

With the aim of making fitness a component of everyday life that’s affordable for everyone, Basic-Fit is on a steep growth curve as it opens about five new clubs every week.

Facing up to a “beautiful” challenge

According to Head of Human Resources Marie-Véronique Bernard, “This level of growth is a beautiful challenge for us to face, but it creates a lot of pressure on the people side of the business. We have to make sure that everybody is trained and managed correctly.”

To manage challenges, Basic-Fit now deploys Workday across the organisation. According to Marie-Veronique, “It’s the next step on our digital journey.”

Workday is a great tool – not just for information, but also for understanding our organisational needs in terms of people challenges.

Marie-Véronique, Head of Human Resources

Understanding the challenges people face

Since deploying Workday in 2021, it has become established as Basic-Fit’s primary means of unifying so many people across such a disparate organisation.

As Marie-Véronique puts it, “We are, of course, united by our love of fitness and our love of helping people. But regardless of the number of members we have, and regardless of the time of day, our employees are alone in the club.

“So it was essential to have a link with them at all times, making Workday a great tool – not just for information but also for understanding their needs in terms of people challenges.”

Measuring what matters most for wellness and belonging

Basic-Fit is an exceptionally diverse organisation. According to Marie-Véronique, “Our workforce includes people from around 140 different countries across the world, making Workday a very valuable tool for us.”

“When it comes to employee engagement, we measure what matters to them by using Workday to assess the diversity, inclusion or other challenges they face around belonging or wellness.”

We’re using Workday to make sure our people are trained correctly and managed onboard.

Marie-Véronique, Head of Human Resources

An essential resource for people development

For Basic-Fit, the next essential step in its digital journey is to focus attention on the development of its people.

“We’re really going for learning and development, and will be using Workday as our primary tool,” says Marie-Véronique.

“Based on our experience of Workday to date, having it as such an essential resource makes us very happy and confident about the future.”

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