Acxiom gains efficiency with a unified finance and HR system.

“Workday helped us reduce our many systems to just six, helping us to align our HR and finance data, so we now have one place to access it all.” – Vice President, Workplace Experience

Enhanced reporting with real-time data

Reduced the number of applications by 93%

Boosted efficiency and productivity of associates

Reduced manual invoice entry by up to 70%


After years of growth, Acxiom found themselves with nearly 80 different systems supporting their HR and Finance processes. They lacked a single source of truth for their HR and finance data and their technology platforms were outdated and in need of consolidation. Furthermore, all the applications needed IT’s time and attention to keep them updated and, in the case of third-party applications, legally licensed.

Acxiom’s organisational efficiency and productivity were affected. Hours, if not days, were spent reconciling differences between HR and finance reporting – with no real-time or historical data views.

Training and support.

After comparing several alternatives, Acxiom chose Workday. One reason was Workday’s HR and finance applications including a well-designed user experience which facilitated user training and productivity.

Acxiom views Workday as a true partner who listens to customer feedback and incorporates it into the product roadmap. The company found the training to be “thorough, well-imagined and well-thought-out”. The training ensured rapid adoption of the Workday applications, so Acxiom could realise its benefits much faster.


With Workday’s cloud-based HR and finance applications fully deployed and Acxiom associates trained in their use, the company has gained many benefits. Most profound: Having one source for HR and finance data that is continually updated, while also simplifying their application landscape.


With one place for HR and finance data, Acxiom associates are no longer required to reconcile data drawn from disparate systems, saving time and improving reporting. 

Acxiom management has gained greater visibility into the organisation’s HR and finance operations, which helps them make better-informed decisions to guide the business. The reports drawn from the Workday platform contain real-time data that’s accurate and has no errors or delays in its reconciliation.

• Cuts manual finance journal entries by 70%

• Eliminates the risk of manual data entry errors

• Reduces purchase-order volume by up to 50%

Enhanced, more timely reporting with real-time data.

With Workday, Acxiom has improved the speed, efficiency and productivity of all its workgroups whether they’re contributing relevant data or pulling reports for use by colleagues and upper management. No longer do they have to log in to disparate systems, interact with different interfaces, download data from them and then reconcile the data. They now can trust that the data is always accurate and up to date.

Accurate, trustworthy data helps Acxiom’s entire organisation, especially its executive management, to make impactful decisions with greater confidence. This improves overall organisational speed and agility, enabling the company to respond to new challenges and opportunities much faster and more effectively freeing them up to focus on more strategic, value-adding tasks than reconciling data from different sources.

Workday’s unified HR and finance platform, plus support from its team, helped us keep to our 60-day deployment timeline and be ready on day one.

Senior Director, IT

Cut the number of applications by 93%.

By reducing the number of HR and finance applications so dramatically, Acxiom streamlined user logins and greatly simplified IT’s job of keeping the apps updated. In doing so, the company:

  • Improves efficiency and productivity of associates
  • Makes data access much easier and faster
  • Allows IT to focus on more strategic projects

When Acxiom associates need HR and finance data, they now turn to one place. No longer do they have to log in to different applications and systems, with a different interface for each one. This saves them time and effort, improving their work efficiency and productivity, ultimately making their jobs easier. Because the IT staff doesn’t have to spend time ensuring applications are updated, they can spend more time on projects that can help drive the business forward.

Prepared for future growth and greater profitability.

Today, with its Workday HR and finance platform in place, Acxiom is exploring the addition of other Workday solutions to further enhance its organisation’s overall efficiency, productivity and effectiveness. The transformational impact of having just one source of HR and finance data for the entire company doesn’t just deliver substantial benefits today, it also positions it for future growth and greater profitability in the years to come.

Going forward, Acxiom associates and leadership can be confident their decisions are based on trustworthy, always updated data from Workday’s unified HR and finance platform. Faster reporting allows concerns to be identified and addressed more quickly. It also enables the company to be more agile in responding to tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

We've seen tremendous gains in the efficiency and accuracy of our reporting, with users trusting the data and able to make impactful business decisions more confidently.

Vice President, Workplace Experience

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