Skills Management

Make skills the foundation of your people strategy.

To meet shifting business demands and create opportunity, you first need to understand the skills of your workforce. See how Workday delivers insights and recommendations, enabling you to align talent while developing your people.

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Understand the skills of your workforce. 

Does your business have the skills it needs to meet future demands? Workday shows you the skills you have, the skills you need, and ways to bridge the gap.

Infer, validate, and verify worker skills.


Surface skills trends and gaps.


See which skills you need to build.


Respond quickly to changing business needs. 

Business needs can change in the blink of an eye. To meet them, it’s critical to have a skills-based hiring and internal mobility strategy in place. That’s why our talent marketplace helps you align talent to opportunity and efficiently staff teams.

Quickly create gigs and post internal jobs.


Show employees the opportunities available.


Match employees’ skills and interests with upcoming projects.


Create opportunities for growth. 

Empower your people to take the next step in their career. With Workday, you not only understand your people’s career interests and aspirations—you can also show them how to get there.

Understand your people’s career goals.


Show your people the skills they’ll need to grow their career.


Suggest mentors, learning, and internal jobs.


Ready to make skills the center of your people strategy?