Financial Services Use Case

Boost business performance and growth.

Get real-time insights into employee sentiment to improve the engagement, well-being and productivity of your workforce while reducing risk.

Screenshot from Workday Peakon Employee Voice showing employee experience cycles.

Benefits for financial services companies.

Our intelligent listening technology provides real-time employee insights to enhance your organisation’s efficiency and output. 

Improve business productivity.

Keep your employees engaged and motivated, and avoid unnecessary turnover and loss of revenue.

Engage and retain talent.

Forecast attrition risk and optimise your engagement strategy to keep your people engaged and on board.

Drive resilience and creativity.

Weather the stress of uncertain times and reduce burnout by understanding and taking care of your employees’ well-being.

Connect DEI metrics to your KPIs.

Create an inclusive and equitable company culture to unleash your workforce potential and amplify your growth.

For Forrester, Workday Peakon Employee Voice helped to reduce staff turnover by 10%.

See Workday Peakon Employee Voice in action.

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