TX Group transforms operations with an agile finance and HR system.

“Workday fits perfectly into our company strategy. It gives us the speed, transparency and flexibility we need to support growth.” – Head of Development and Projects for Corporate Services

Empowered employees

Gained agility to support change

Simplified processes

Standardised data

The media industry is changing dramatically as it makes the transition from traditional print to online. TX Group, whose 50-plus brands include the Doodle meeting scheduler and TV streaming service Zattoo, wanted to transform its business and continue growing as a digital powerhouse. 

TX Group had 11 disparate systems across departments and brands. It needed to unify data across finance, human resources (HR) and other departments.

Simplicity, mobility and adaptability. 

TX Group wanted to provide streamlined workflows and full visibility across departments. Its increasingly digital workforce expects up-to-date software that’s agile and user friendly, with mobile and cloud access. Workday has given the organisation the capability to share data, support growth and be nimble for a rapidly changing business. It also keeps innovation flowing in the organisation, enabling TX Group to work faster and smarter. 

TX Group can integrate new organisations in minutes, and onboard employees seamlessly using Workday. “With Workday, TX Group employees will be able to access all ERP services, regardless of their device and location”, says Simon Maurer, head of development and projects for corporate services, TX Group. “Workday is unique in my opinion. It gives us the speed and transparency to meet business needs quickly.”

Agility across the business.

TX Group became a market leader through its ability to identify and act on opportunities when they arise, but in the services area this agility was missing. Workday gives the corporate services division access to the data it needs to make the best decisions for the business. 

“The biggest benefit from Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management is that we have everything related to corporate services in one location. We now have full visibility of our organisation”, comments Simon.

With Workday, we saw a rise in engagement. The power of data is in the hands of our people.

Head of Development and Projects for Corporate Services

Improved financial information.

With real-time data, TX Group’s finance teams make better decisions, finding the information they need quickly. It’s helping TX Group boost the profitability of its digital brands, which Simon states, “gets to the heart of the company’s digital transformation.” 

TX Group is in control of its broader transformation programme with Workday and can integrate new companies more easily into the group structure.

We are an agile company, but Workday has helped us to become even more agile.

Head of Development and Projects for Corporate Services

Empowering personnel in their working lives.

TX Group employees are now highly engaged in shaping the workplace with secure access to their own data and information relating to their roles. Using Workday, they are empowered to initiate expense claim processes, manage their time off and contact colleagues via the company directory. And, with mobile access, they can do this from any location, saving time and freeing them to concentrate on more strategic tasks.

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