Lynn University deploys new technology easily and on schedule.

“Our Workday Test Lead saved us a lot of aggravation and reduced the number of implementation issues so there were very few problems when we went live.” – Director of Information Services

Lessened IT workload

Test scenario creation completed prior to testing phase

Few issues post go-live


Midway into deploying Workday, Lynn University realised it lacked the internal resources to manage testing. Its small but mighty IT team was already doing double duty facilitating deployment.

Why Workday.

Lynn University discovered that the Workday Test Lead Service could help it manage testing from both an integrations and end-to-end perspective. This allowed the university to focus on getting up to speed on Workday, organise configurations and align teams with functional areas.

Benefits and results.

Made the workload manageable.

Instead of backfilling positions, Lynn University repurposed people inside its IT team. But learning a new product, handling integrations and managing day-to-day work threatened to delay implementation. The Workday Test Lead helped the university plan, organise and monitor the testing process, as well as balance responsibilities.


months to full-suite deployment

Identified integration challenges early.

Using the Test Lead Service, Lynn University identified potential defects during recommended test cases early in the process. To stay on schedule and keep everyone informed, Lynn planned workshop sessions for each department. By the time end-to-end testing began, what initially seemed like an overwhelming amount  of work became a catalyst that sped deployment.


defects identified and resolved during testing

Accelerated feature uptake.

Lynn quickly adopted the streamlined processes and automated workflows in Workday for activities that require multiple approvals, such as requesting PTO. To support ongoing adoption, the university provides teams with training and documentation, and actively participates in Workday Community.


of testing completed in the planned E2E testing window

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