How Generali España is digitising to attract Spain’s top talent.

Insurance group selects Workday to optimise digital transformation.

Empowering HR as key decision-maker for the business

Managers equipped as effective leaders of people and teams

Continual new releases keep company at the forefront

In 2018, Generali España was modernising fast, becoming a truly digital organisation as it sought to retain its talent by throwing off the burden of being perceived as in a ‘traditional’ sector.

A key aspect of this transformation was in the HR function, renamed ‘People & Organisation’ to reflect the reinvention of its structure and processes as an important partner making decisions at the side of the business.

To enable transformation, it also had to change its tools. In the words of Patricia Cabal Briso-Montiano, Head of Employee Experience and PMO at Generali España, “We chose Workday because we saw it as the most suitable and powerful tool with the most potential, that would drive us towards innovation and market best practice.”

Workday has really changed our way of working and adding value to the business.

Head of Employee Experience and PMO

Freeing capacity to consider strategy and value.

According to Patricia Cabal Briso-Montiano, the confidence in Workday is proving well-founded. In her words, “It is enabling us to automate many key administrative and management processes, replacing hundreds of databases that represented a growing risk of error and poor decision-making.”

As a result, Workday is freeing up much more capacity to consider strategy and value, so empowering her department’s increasingly essential role as a key decision-maker for the business as it aims to become the first-choice employer for Spain’s top talent.

New initiatives enabled by Workday include the talent marketplace, which enables the team to identify and compare all employees’ skills with the company’s future support and transformation needs. “It means we can make an almost perfect match between what we offer and what our employees need,” she says.

Immediate access to reliable data.

According to Patricia, the immediate access Workday enables to accurate, reliable data is also empowering the company’s managers as effective leaders of people and teams. 

As she says, “Having a single entry point and exit point for all information, linked to all other applications and tools across the business, is key. It’s given us the reliability we need to make decisions in a way that’s much more agile and, above all, much more effective.”

She also believes that the Workday HCM modules in particular are driving a better analytic capability thanks to the quality of data they provide. “Before, we were basically working in Excel, so the quality of information we’re getting now is much higher, more coherent and valuable.”

Great potential for future development.

Looking ahead, Patricia is excited by the potential for future development. 

As she says, “The biggest way in which Workday contributes is innovation, with continual releases, new models and functionalities to help us, to drive us to do things better and in a more modern way. 

“I’m confident Workday can be the guide that enables us to do everything in the best way to satisfy talent, both internal and external.”

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