Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

How Blue Cross NC achieves smarter compensation management.

The Annual Compensation Review app developed by Collaborative Solutions enables this major health insurance provider to make more equitable and data-driven compensation decisions.

Increased consistency, visibility and reporting

Eliminated separate systems and the need to move Workday data

Gained self-sufficiency to build apps rapidly and securely

Why Blue Cross NC chose Workday Extend.

Blue Cross NC wanted to improve its performance review process as it moved from a rating to a non-rating system. The process consists of a formal annual evaluation that includes a salary adjustment (merit) and annual incentive awards. In the past, managers relied on a custom external solution with a decision guide to determine awards. But there was no reporting on usage, it lacked visibility for leaders and snapshots of data were moved to and from Workday. Managers also wanted to leverage more of the Workday technology.

Enabling Workday Extend to support our annual compensation planning process has allowed us to leverage all the existing compensation data in the system to help guide leaders across the company to make consistent and equitable decisions.

Mike O’Connor, VP, Head of Total Rewards and Shared Services

App deployed: Annual Compensation Review – Decision Guide.

Using Workday Extend, the HRIT team – with help from deployment partner Collaborative Solutions – built the Annual Compensation Review – Decision Guide app. Now managers can follow a decision tree linked directly to the annual compensation grid in Workday.

BlueCross NC Workday Extend app screen shows common review decision guide for managers

Benefits and results.

Blue Cross NC is an early customer of Workday Extend, immediately recognising the opportunity to take its existing solution and pull it into Workday. Not only has it eliminated the need for a separate system, but it’s also created a more consistent process so all managers are adjusting compensation and bonuses based on the same factors. And the manager experience is streamlined with the ability to view all employee adjustments in the compensation grid.

Because the app is fully integrated with Workday, managers no longer have to look up data to make consistent, equitable decisions. 

Leaders have immediate visibility into a manager’s decisions, what guidance they were given, and the amounts awarded to understand the justification for the award, all without exporting the data to multiple spreadsheets.

The HRIT team has also become more self-sufficient, creating additional apps that check for COVID-19 symptoms and expand total rewards using Workday Prism Analytics.

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