Our Technology Foundation

A technology platform that’s always ready.

At Workday, we’re committed to delivering more value for you and your enterprise through the continuous delivery of both new and proven technology built on the Power of One.

Our technology platform continues to expand with new services based on machine learning, extensible frameworks, powerful analytics, and more—all enabled through open APIs. A technology foundation that brings increasingly intelligent and personalized experiences.


Business Process Framework

Business changes constantly and so should your processes. Making changes should be simple and quick. Enter the Workday business process framework.

It’s universal: With one business process framework across Workday, it’s easy to adapt. You simply configure how processes work for you—no need for coding. And with more than 500 predelivered business processes, you have a head start.

It’s connected: Easily connect to third-party systems. Add integration steps right into a process flow.

It has auditability: With always-on audit, 100 percent of all process changes are tracked from beginning to end.

Object Data Model

Workday uses objects to model entities, attributes, and relationships. This is fundamental for adaptability.

It’s durable: Workday evolves from release to release without re-architecture.  

It’s extensible: Once changes are made, they are instantly available.

It’s based on metadata: A fundamental concept in the Workday architecture, metadata provides an abstraction layer that allows developers to focus only on building functionality.

Reporting and Analytics

Workday delivers actionable insights when you need them by eliminating the data divide between transactions and analytics. All activities operate on the same real-time data with the same approach to security.

All Workday applications leverage the following:

Dashboards: Support up-to-the-minute insights with elegant, customizable dashboards.  

Distribution: You don’t need to choose between sharability and security. Our contextual security means you only see the data you’re entitled to see. And secure access to personalized insights is as easy as checking your inbox, both on the web and mobile.

Collaboration: Workday puts a cloud-based twist on the popular spreadsheet medium. Collaborate instantly and secure your work seamlessly with worksheets in Workday.

Configurable Security

At Workday, security is job one. Our single security model ensures security is consistently enforced at all times.  

Advanced levels of protection: In addition to our single security model, Workday supports advanced levels of protection, including multifactor authentication, view logging, and step-up authentication.

Encryption: We continuously encrypt our data and monitor for emerging threats. And because there is only one version of Workday, we respond rapidly to any new global threat.

Trust: We continuously test, audit, and maintain compliance with the most stringent security and privacy regulations across the globe. We deploy industry-leading safeguards and continuously monitor our systems, so you can rest easy knowing your most sensitive data is protected 24/7 in the cloud.

Machine Learning

We’re passionate about making user experiences more personal and intelligent. And machine learning is the fuel. At Workday, we focus on three broad categories:

Knowledge: Knowledge services focus on identifying patterns within data to rapidly identify trends and proactively make decisions. Workday is applying knowledge services in key areas, such as a skills cloud and search.

Vision: Collect textual information from visual data. For example, you can automatically create transcripts from Workday Learning videos, or use optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically extract information for expense reports and from resumes.

Language: These services interpret and transcribe what you say and what you’d like your application to do. They underpin conversational user interfaces and digital assistants.

Integration Cloud

Integration across different systems is vital to support business operations. However, integration shouldn’t be complex and costly. Workday supports integration from initial deployment to ongoing business processing.

We deliver multiple ways to integrate data and systems seamlessly:

Rapid data migration: When external system data is needed to support business processes, Workday provides a guided interface called the Enterprise Interface Builder to make data loading easy.

Integration cloud connectors: Reduce time to integrate with a third-party system through prebuilt processing logic, data transformation, and error handling.

Open APIs: When customization is essential, connect directly with Workday Web Services and REST-based APIs.

User Experience

The Workday user experience is guided by our principle of continuous change. Because our architecture separates the UX from the application functionality, users benefit from innovation more quickly.

By taking inspiration from the consumer internet, we can deliver a best-fit user experience across all form factors—from laptop to tablet to smartphone.  

And as we continue to innovate, we’re bringing Workday to your natural workspace with capabilities, such as Slack and Google Hangouts, and by enabling conversational user interactions with Workday and between Workday and third-party bot interfaces.