Workday Architecture

Different by design.

Workday started with a clean sheet of paper and built an enterprise software experience unlike any in the industry—one that is easy to use, built for change, and continuously delivering value without the need for expensive upgrades or bolt-on technology. We make this possible through three core design principles: the Power of One, taking inspiration from the consumer internet, and committing to a culture of continuous innovation.

The Power of One

Core to Workday architecture is an unwavering commitment to the Power of One. Why are we so passionate about the Power of One? It enables us to innovate faster while maintaining an unmatched customer experience with the highest levels of trust and security.

At Workday, we have one experience, one source for data, one security model, and one community. Let’s explore the Power of One.


One experience.

At Workday, we think enterprise applications should be simple to use. That’s why we give all our customers the same engaging experience across every device. You can support new technologies and features without needing extra tools or technical expertise, access insights anytime and anywhere, and work the way you want to work with a consumer-friendly user experience.

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One Experience

One source for data.

With a single system for finance and HR, everyone is working from the same data. The result? More collaboration and better decisions. Take immediate action with contextual insights and empower your teams with real-time, consistent analytics. Use data discovery, collaborative worksheets, and granular controls to securely harness the collective wisdom of your workforce.

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One Source for Data

One security model.

All data is protected by a single configurable security model. And as you make changes in the system, the changes update instantly with security and permissions fully intact. Rest easy knowing that always-on audit and comprehensive privacy and security controls are protecting your information. With one security model, you can safeguard your processes and data, and distribute data safely. And the flexible controls in Workday let you secure your business based on your unique needs.

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One Security Model

One community.

Every customer is on the same version of Workday, which allows them to share ideas, learn best practices, collaborate on innovations, and influence the direction of Workday applications. In fact, more than 40 percent of new features come from customer ideas. With Workday, you can share best practices that can be implemented immediately with peers in other organizations.

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One Community

Inspired by the consumer internet.

At Workday, we have been—and continue to be—inspired by the consumer internet. Why should enterprise software be any different than what we use every day as consumers?

We build user experiences that bring work to where you are—in conversation and natural workspaces.

We design for the elastic and massive scalability that is required of today’s modern cloud solutions, and we build intelligence into our applications to enable increasingly clever and context-rich engagements. And we do this all while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security.

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Continuous innovation.

It starts with architecture. Legacy systems often bind application logic to specific technologies, and new innovations require a complete rewrite. Workday is different by design, with an abstraction layer that uses metadata so we can constantly evolve our technology and application logic independent of each other.

And Workday delivers production-quality enhancements at anytime—not just at a major update—enabled by DevOps principles and a single codeline.

We continuously collaborate with our customers, which is made easier because all our customers are on the same version of Workday. In addition, our customers regularly influence our road map through Workday Community Brainstorms.

We are committed to extending the value of Workday even more with an innovative ecosystem of customers and partners building on the Workday Cloud Platform.

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