Can your ERP system create value?

At Workday, we believe that a “good enough” finance system isn’t good enough. As our customer, you deserve more. That’s why our enterprise management cloud goes beyond traditional ERP to help you move from tracking value to creating value.

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Go beyond ERP.

Reveal remarkable insights.

Access real-time financial, people, and operational data in one place. Then use your insights to plan. With Workday, you get a single source of truth to drive impactful decisions.

Enable maximum adaptability.

Move at the speed that business demands. Our platform is truly adaptable. You can reorg, change your processes, update plans, and more—without missing a beat.

Attract and retain top finance talent.

Give your people the experience they expect and the tools they want to use. With finance and HR together, you can deliver a world-class employee experience along with the finance technology that empowers teams to maximize returns.

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Built for finance, accounting, and IT.

Our intelligent data core aligns all of your teams. Everyone gets access to the same set of data, making it that much easier to work toward enterprise-wide goals.



A single source of truth in Workday empowers finance to be decision-ready. You can now predict the best course of action to create even more value.



Relevant insights, predictive tools, and always-on audit elevate the role of accounting while increasing effectiveness. Workday removes friction from finance processes—so accounting can focus more on supporting strategic actions.



Continuous innovation and top-notch security relieves the burden from IT teams. With more time and confidence in the data, IT can focus more on value-add initiatives.

Workday Enterprise Management Cloud creates value.

Cuts monthly forecast reporting from 2 days to 30 seconds.

Institutes new finance and HR processes in 16 weeks.

Empowers employees to focus efforts on clients.

Ready to move beyond ERP?