Workday and The Texas A&M University System

The Texas A&M University System is 1 of 6 systems of higher education in the state, with 48,000 employees and 152,000 students across 20 independent organizations. Headquartered in College Station, Texas, the public research system is made up of 11 universities, 7 state agencies, a system office, and a law school, each with its own CFO, CHRO, payroll, and HR department.

Just to be able to have 50,000 employees, 20 members, in a single tenant makes a huge difference in the way we operate.

Mark Schulz

Enterprise IT Architect

  • Texas legislature pressed all public-sector entities to move from on-premise to cloud-based solutions 
  • Legacy payroll and HR systems were disparate and mainframe-based, built on code that was up to 35 years old
  • Resources to keep the legacy systems functional were running out
  • Streamlined and standardized processes across 20 organizations
  • Increased efficiency by deploying a single HCM and payroll system
  • Gained greater visibility into HR data
  • Saved 30 percent more time during payroll calculations
  • Benefited from robust payroll reporting
  • Realized zero spend on upgrades
  • Gave IT more time to focus on cybersecurity initiatives
  • Gained mobile access to key information