Workday and ServiceSource

ServiceSource (NASDAQ:SREV) provides the world’s leading B2B companies with expert, technology-enabled solutions and best-practice processes proven to grow and retain revenue from existing customers. With a holistic approach to the entire revenue lifecycle, ServiceSource solutions help companies drive customer adoption, expansion, and renewal.

Only ServiceSource brings to market more than 17 years of exclusive focus on customer success and revenue growth, global deployments across 40 languages and 150 countries, and a powerful, purpose-built Revenue Lifecycle Management technology platform.

We love having our business dimensions built into our ledger and HCM. It allows us to use the host data to pivot our financial and HCM data across the multiple business dimensions we use to run and analyze the business – including Legal Entity, Location, Region, and Customer P&Ls.

Mike Lemberg

VP of Finance

  • Disparate legacy systems and a tight compliance timeframe.
  • No global view of the company; no single system-of-record.
  • IT, HR, and finance departments hobbled by data gathering and data accuracy issues.
  • Local, manual processes difficult for a global company.
  • Confident path to growth supported by up-to-date technology.
  • Single view of the company for more-accurate forecasting and better decisions.
  • Business conversations focusing on analytics and strategy versus data accuracy.
  • Timely, ongoing support for compliance.
  • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership.