Workday and Inalfa Roof Systems

Inalfa Roof Systems is one of the world's biggest providers of vehicle roof systems. Inalfa designs, develops, and manufactures sunroofs and open roof systems for the major OEMs in the automotive industry.     

With Workday, we will have an HR system that not only meets our existing needs, but is future-proofed to support the changing requirements of our business as we grow.

Bas Eggelaar

Senior HR Director

  • Rapid growth of its employee base, creating difficulties in the recruitment and development of talent
  • Limited visibility into the company’s workforce, including determining the number of full-time employees
  • Inefficiencies, including many manual administrative processes
  • Limited ability to provide visibility into people costs and related factors
  • Real-time, consolidated HR data that is accessible across the entire organization
  • Faster and better business decisions
  • Improved understanding of skill sets across various regions and how to use them more effectively
  • Future-proofed system supports the changing requirements of Inalfa’s business as it grows