Workday and Broward College

Broward College is all about giving its vast student body of 68,000 students the access they need to achieve their educational and career goals. “We have an open door that provides access to students wherever they are in their educational process,” says J. David Armstrong, president of the college.

But Broward College’s commitment to access doesn’t stop at its student body. Since the college’s deployment of Workday, the administrative staff has gained access to the tools and data they need to help them operate more strategically. In turn, the college has been able to channel more resources into its most important goal: Student success

At the highest level, Workday is going to be increasingly powerful for our organization because we’re able to make decisions faster with more complete information.

J. David Armstrong


  • Complex, outdated ERP system few could use.
  • Decisions based on incomplete or untimely data.
  • Slow, wasteful, paper-based systems.
  • Academic staff mired in transactional work.
  • Ability to channel more resources into academics instead of administration, offering greater support for student success.
  • Ability to make faster and more strategic decisions with real-time finance and HR insight.
  • Reduction from 40 different software programs to a single system.
  • A flexible, adaptable system that supports institutional growth.
  • A new student information system with modern tools and capabilities.

See the infographic to learn how Broward College has benefited from Workday Procurement.