Expanded global training makes everyone more mobile.

Global prosthetics and orthotics innovator moves training to the cloud to boost accessibility.

Facilitated digital training for 2,500 internal learners

Enabled anytime, anywhere learning

Increased engagement and multilingual learning

Improved learning management through automation

A mobile life with prosthetics and bracing.

Össur provides prosthetics, bracing, and supports that enable people to walk, write, hug, run, and do countless other activities despite physical conditions that limit mobility. Relearning to move isn’t always simple, and it involves education and skilled guidance. Össur has made product education a key component of their offerings for both employees and customers because everyone needs to understand how technology helps people improve their mobility. Customers, including healthcare professionals, must also learn about product sizing as well as proper application and care. Many healthcare professionals and employees also require board-certified training from Össur to maintain their medical licenses with mandatory continuing education units.

With Learning, the number of internal learners who can access courses jumped from 1,000 to 3,500.

Director of Global Academy

On-the-go classes for staff and health professionals.

The faster and more accessible the training on Össur’s products, the sooner patients with limitations can get back to moving. However, Össur’s legacy learning management system was a siloed platform that required manual user creation and enrollments, as well as manual team management, which hindered global content development. Rapid corporate growth and increasing demands for digital training, especially during the pandemic, prompted Össur to look for a seamless cloud-based learning solution. To support their employees’ training, Össur deployed Workday Learning, and to facilitate customers’ education, they deployed Workday Learning for Extended Enterprise. Gudrun Hannesdottir, information system specialist in HR and Corporate Strategy at Össur, says, “We already used Workday for HCM, so Workday Learning was familiar. It’s mobile friendly, and it provided the capabilities we needed to expand our training. We also gained a learning partner that would provide support, regular system upgrades, and connections with the larger Workday Community.”

Today, employees can access Össur’s digital training content from any location, at any time, via a single sign-on to Workday. Katie Swanson, director of Global Academy at Össur, says, “With Learning, the number of internal learners who can access courses jumped from 1,000 to 3,500.” Monthly course completion numbers are also up from the pre-pandemic average for both internal and external learners.

We already used Workday for HCM, so Workday Learning was familiar. It’s mobile friendly, and it provided the capabilities we needed to expand our training.

Information Systems Specialist in HR and Corporate Strategy

A training program that’s always in motion.

Now, Össur can offer additional content in more languages, including videos with subtitles. “For employees, we offer over 1,000 courses in 13 languages to help develop their skills,” Hannesdottir says. “Using Workday Extended Enterprise for Learning, customers—including hospital and clinic staff—can choose from 30 courses on bracing, supports, and prosthetics to help their patients.”

The Össur Academy team plans to create new learning programs. “People are excited about the learning opportunities we can offer with Workday,” says Swanson. “Instead of individual courses on demand, regional managers are requesting programs for topics like osteoarthritis that include a series of classes. We have big plans for a modular internal onboarding program that managers can customize based on their employees’ backgrounds and roles.”

We currently have external learners from 15 countries. At any time, they can download time-stamped training certificates.

Director of Global Academy

Global education options that are easy to access and share.

Point-and-click enrollment processes save time and get people to the right training. “We just published a course for employees across Europe,” Swanson says. “I sent managers a link that they used to enroll their teams along with a two-minute how-to video. This allows my team to focus on training development instead of identifying who needs the course and manually enrolling each of them.”

A faster and easier path for certificates.

With Workday Extended Enterprise for Learning, Össur has improved certificate management workflows, which healthcare professionals depend on to maintain their medical licenses. “We currently have external learners from 15 countries,” says Swanson. “At any time, they can download time-stamped training certificates to manage their continuing education hours.” Össur can also issue monthly reports to international medical boards so that course participants automatically receive credits for their continuing education without having to submit forms manually.

Össur plans to integrate Learning with Salesforce so that sales teams can see customers’ training and follow up with information about their areas of interest, including expanded product and training options. Hannesdottir says, “With Learning, we continue to bring our internal- and external-facing training workflows together to help more people move the way they want to.”

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