Audit and Internal Controls

Go beyond audit and compliance to bring more value.

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of audit and internal controls. Workday was created post-Sarbanes-Oxley, so the ability to implement internal controls and enable proactive auditing and compliance is built into the system. With Workday, you can go beyond compliance to improve business performance by implementing cost-effective audit controls.

Use live data to discover organizational trends and identify potential areas of risk.

Quickly find and address segregation-of-duty conflicts.

Leverage prebuilt risk indicator reports.

Simplifying and Reducing the Cost of Compliance
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Always-on proactive auditing. Always free.

Our applications give you undefeatable audit controls at no additional cost, and with no impact on performance.

  • Leverage a comprehensive record of transactions with complete audit trails.
  • Easily aggregate financial and operational records for audits.
  • Quickly collect electronic audit evidence using our continuously self-documenting system.


Easily govern internal processes.

Our business process framework is the cornerstone of internal control, making it easy for you to evaluate workflows end to end.

  • Capture audit trails for all approvals and transaction activity directly in Workday to increase productivity.
  • Easily retrieve data and run reports on processed transactions and tasks.
  • Visualize processes through automatically created process diagrams.
  • Reduce risk by preventing unauthorized transactions and tasks.
  • Decrease total cost of ownership by simplifying internal control tests.

Comprehensive security comes standard.

Stop paying for and maintaining bolt-on security systems. With Workday, you get built-in security controls.

  • Easily adapt security and management controls to meet your enterprise’s operational, compliance, and reporting objectives.
  • Simplify segregation of duties with a single access and authorization model for all users, applications, and business processes.
  • Incorporate compliance and internal controls into system and process design from the outset to address potential business issues.
  • Use activity and view logs to track access to sensitive data.

Ensure data integrity and reliability.

Say goodbye to cumbersome ETL processes. Workday keeps a single in-memory copy of your data, making it easy to pull up-to-the-minute, accurate reports anytime.

  • Gain efficiency in your audit processes with a single source of truth that spans applications.
  • Quickly identify high-priority issues, such as expense policy violations, with preconfigured auditor reports and dashboards.
  • Customize reporting to meet internal and third-party audit requirements.
  • Empower end users to run their own reports with accessible reporting capabilities.