Innovation for a changing world.

The world of work is changing fast. To get ahead, every company – across every industry – must think like a technology company.

At Workday, we believe our customers are best served with a single system to plan, execute, analyse and extend – all powered by machine learning.

Take a look at some of the ways that Workday is helping organisations work smarter, faster and with more agility than ever before.

We will continue to innovate quickly because we built our technology on the Power of One. This will stay true in light of acquisitions, emerging technology and whatever else the future holds.

Petros Dermetzis

Chief Products Officer, Workday

For the changing world of finance.

Technology is reshaping business as we know it. Greater agility and better insights are essential to keep up and provide continuous strategy to the organisation. See how our newest innovations are helping finance do just that.

For the changing world of HR.

There are profound shifts happening in the world of work today. How, when and where people work is changing. See what Workday has in mind to help organisations increase agility, empower their people and create opportunity for all.

For the changing world of IT.

When we built the foundation of Workday, we built an agile system designed for organisations to adapt to change. See how our newest innovations are helping businesses harness real-time data to get ahead and stay ahead in a changing world.

Learn more about how Workday can help prepare your organisation for a changing world.