Tenable Network Security

Flexible, driver-based modelling improves decision-making at Tenable.

“Workday Adaptive Planning has the strength to give you scenario analysis and the quick what-if analysis.” – Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

Tenable Network Security is in an enviable position. The Columbia, Maryland-based company is expanding domestically and internationally thanks to its innovative cybersecurity solutions used by more than 20,000 enterprise customers. To ensure that Tenable Network Security continues to grow in a smart fashion, company leaders need to more quickly access and analyse data and metrics to understand critical trends that enhance decision-making. Now, an intuitive financial planning and analysis platform is facilitating financial modelling for strategic planning and forecasting. With Workday Adaptive Planning, finance and operational leaders are using a flexible, integrated driver-based model that accommodates quick what-if analysis to create accurate forecasts under varying scenarios. It empowers business leaders with key new insights, such as how marketing spend impacts the sales pipeline, to fuel continual global growth.

We’re able to easily look at making changes across different teams, entities, across different countries, and get the full view of what that means for the business and profitability on the whole.

Director of Financial Planning and Analysis


  • Need to analyse financial data and metrics in a variety of new ways to gain insights to support global growth
  • Desire to easily incorporate data from a variety of systems to improve planning and forecasting
  • Demand for better financial modelling to improve executive decision-making


  • Integrating accurate data from a variety of sources to create a robust model of business operations
  • Easily do scenario and what-if analysis to identify projected outcomes of short and longer-term decisions
  • Quickly develop accurate forecasts to improve decision-making on headcount plans, marketing investments and sales operations

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