FNBO upskills HR teams and successfully adopts Workday.

“Workday helped us focus on an adoption strategy. By attending webinars and talking to other customers, our team was able to explore, prototype and move forward.” – Senior Director, HR Shared Services

Operating in the rapidly changing world of financial services, FNBO knew it needed a new system to stay competitive in the financial services industry. FNBO’s previous HR legacy solution – a patchwork of multiple best-of-breed systems – was complex and costly to maintain.

Upskilling its HR workforce was also a priority. FNBO didn’t want to turn its back on the dedicated staff that had brought the company this far, but teams needed to be trained to operate differently.

So, when FNBO’s new CEO wanted to focus on equipping, recruiting and managing talent, his team rose to the challenge.

Future-proofing a legacy.

FNBO wanted to ensure the organisation could scale with the rapidly changing banking industry well into the future. But with multiple HR systems bolted together, FNBO needed a completely new approach.

While researching providers, FNBO talked to other Workday customers about their experiences successfully deploying and supporting Workday, and continuously adopting new features. One of FNBO’s core attributes is to support and prioritise collaboration – it didn’t want a vendor to just deploy and leave. Rather, the bank intentionally sought out a partner for the long-term. After speaking to multiple providers, FNBO decided on Workday, deployed by Workday Professional Services.

Form follows function.

Like most banks, FNBO had a lot of spreadsheet- or paper-based systems. The conversion to Workday was its first cloud migration that not only minimised manual transactions, but also consolidated six systems into one, helping to streamline business operations.

FNBO also had a committed, flexible staff it wanted to upskill and train for new ways of working, but its teams weren’t aligned to run the Workday technology platform. So, the HR leadership team ran employees through a talent review process and placed them in new project roles based on existing skills and interests. This broke down silos to bring the team together for a successful deployment.

“This ensured that our best talent in HR, as well as across the organisation, was poised to leverage Workday technology as we move forward”, says FNBO’s Kristina Staebell, senior director, HR Shared Services.

Support from IT, HR and executive functions has not only boosted user adoption and satisfaction, but also revolutionised how FNBO’s teams work together. Now, as Workday releases new features, teams know how to deploy them and communicate the benefits across the organisation.

Equipped for success.

Training is a big part of FNBO’s Workday investment, as was leveraging Workday enablement resources to build an empowered workforce model. With a strong start, 100 percent of employees logged in to Workday during the first phase of deployment. User adoption remains high, especially on mobile. In the first quarter of going live, calls to FNBO’s support centre were reduced by 10 percent and by Q2, they were down by 34 percent.

“When we signed our contract with Workday, we wanted enough training to sustain us during and after deploying. That investment has allowed our employees to get ongoing training that not only helped us deploy on time and on budget, but sustains our success with Workday”, says Staebell.

In addition, FNBO is in the process of implementing Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud to get visibility into staffing strategies and deliver data to business leaders for more informed decision-making about people and opportunities.

By leveraging the Workday Community portal as well as Workday Professional Services and Workday Education, FNBO has managed a successful deployment and set the stage for continuous adoption of future Workday releases.

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