10 Critical Requirements for Cloud Applications

How to recognize cloud providers and applications that deliver real value

Growing interest in cloud computing has prompted almost every enterprise software vendor to claim it's "in the cloud." However, in the industry's rush to fulfill demand, some vendors may skip requirements that are critical to delivering the true benefits of cloud applications.

In this complimentary whitepaper, two cloud application pioneers—Stan Swete, Chief Technology Officer at Workday, and Steven John, Strategic Chief Information Officer at Workday—discuss the 10 critical requirements of cloud applications:

  1. True Multi-tenancy
  2. Regularly Delivered, Vendor-Managed Updates
  3. Seamless Integration On Demand
  4. Business-Driven Configurability
  5. World-Class Data Center and Security
  6. A High-Performance, Sustainable Architecture
  7. Predictable Total Cost of Ownership Model
  8. Faster Deployment
  9. Control
  10. Liberation from Non-Strategic IT Issues

True cloud applications—also known as software-as-a-service (SaaS)—are less costly and complex, yet more intelligent and user friendly, than on-premise applications. CIOs and business technology managers will learn from this whitepaper why "cloud" applications must meet these requirements to deliver the full benefits of modern SaaS.

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