28 May 2024
GDI | Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, Rüschlikon

Workday Elevate is your chance to see how Workday is helping EMEA organisations shape the future of work. See what we’ve got lined up for you below.

*For your convenience, both German and English translations will be available simultaneously in the main conference room.

Workday Elevate Agenda 2024
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  • Workday Regional Welcome | Welcome to Workday Elevate Zurich
    • Fred Alran

      Fred Alran

      General Manager Switzerland and Austria, Workday

    • Ana Mislitchi

      Ana Mislitchi

      Head of EMEA Value Management, Workday

  • Workday Innovation Keynote: The Future of Work
    • Fred Alran

      Fred Alran

      General Manager Switzerland and Austria, Workday

    • Carolyn Horne

      Carolyn Horne

      Sr EMEA VP, Strategic Customer Engagement, Workday

    • Ana Mislitchi

      Ana Mislitchi

      Head of EMEA Value Management, Workday

    • Jens Löhmar

      Jens Löhmar

      Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Continental / DACH, Workday

    • Brian Montgomery

      Brian Montgomery

      Senior Director Finance, Workday

    • Athena Karp

      Athena Karp

      CEO and Founder, HiredScore

  • Embracing the Future of Work: the transformation journey at Roche
    • Melanie Lechermann

      Melanie Lechermann

      Product Manager Workday, Roche

    • Lynda Taumann-Yrisarry

      Lynda Taumann-Yrisarry

      Sr. Principal Managing Partner, DACH, Workday

  • Lunch & Expo Area
  • Finance 2030: Navigating the Digital Frontier
    • Brian Montgomery

      Brian Montgomery

      Sr Director Finance, Workday

    Over the past few years, expectations have increased beyond just maximizing shareholder value, to meeting the expectations of a broader set of stakeholders and becoming the architects of value creation. This expanded role means finance must have the right data, technology foundation, and people to be successful. Tomorrow’s CFOs need to create value, but they also need to anticipate and navigate what’s coming next, like the impact inflation, a recession or global unrest will have on their business. Join us for a panel discussion, where we will investigate a plan for the finance of Tomorrow what are the steps finance teams can take today to prepare for the future, through a candid exchange of experiences and foresight. Our panelists will share their perspectives on adapting to the velocity of change, how they see AI and ML reshaping financial strategies, predictive analytics, and the ethical considerations surrounding data-driven finance.

  • Optimise for the future of work: Workday's unique approach to AI
    • Jens Löhmar

      Jens Löhmar

      Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - Continental / DACH, Workday

    • Marco Lüscher

      Marco Lüscher

      Principal, Enterprise Architect, Workday

    We are in the midst of an unprecedented wave of technological innovation with AI fundamentally redefining how work gets done. Join us to learn the foundations of how Workday enables rapid delivery and adoption of AI, including generative AI, to provide impactful value to your organisation.

  • Making the future work: strategy and vision for CHROs
    • Richard Doherty

      Richard Doherty

      Senior Director, Solution Marketing, Workday

    As the working population declines and many organisations become resource challenged, HR must focus on driving efficiency and automation in HR operations while optimising strategic talent programmes to attract, develop & deploy the best talent. Hear Workday’s vision on how HR, harnessing the latest technology including AI, can embrace new ways of working and navigate an uncertain future.

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  • From good to great: Running a world class operation with HR, Financials, planning and analytics on one platform
    • Fabian Jeckel

      Fabian Jeckel

      Principal, Solution Consultant, Workday

    The world is moving fast so agility is key. See how Workday's integrated suite of solutions can help finance professionals gain an edge by running a integrated operation cross HR, Finance, planning and analytics.

  • Handle employee, manager, and HR strategic and operational inquiries with Workday Help
    • Yannik Kindler

      Yannik Kindler

      Manager HR Transformation, Deloitte

    • Nikolaij Lankoff

      Nikolaij Lankoff

      Head of People Digital Services, Sunrise

    What do I need to do when I want to change my working hours? How frequently should I check in with my team? This process is too complicated, can we change it to save time and money?

    At Sunrise, we streamlined all HR related inquiries in Workday. From how-to-guides and transactions to tickets related to operational tasks, change requests and bugs, every HR query has the same point of contact. Explore how Sunrise supported by Deloitte leverages Workday Help to improve the employee experience and drive strategical + operational efficiencies in HR.

  • The "Sandoz Rebirth" - leveraging ADP and Workday for Excellence
    • Miguel Macias

      Miguel Macias

      Global Head P&O Operations, Sandoz

    • Martin Barner

      Martin Barner

      Head HR Operations and Digital Solutions, Sandoz

    • Robert Beer

      Robert Beer

      Global Sales Director Enterprise Key Accounts, ADP Employer Services

    Learn from Martin and Miguel how Sandoz is building almost from scratch an organization of over 20’000 employees in a time-span of only 24 months since the official spinoff from Novartis took place in October 2023.

    Sandoz is proud of its unique company culture and values employees’ well being highly. It comes as no surprise that in times when everything changes, some things need to be rock solid; timely and accurate payments of salaries as well as access to personal and company information via user-friendly tools are paramount to keeping employee motivation high.

    Hear why Sandoz chose two global leaders in their respective fields to achieve just that: ADP (payroll) and Workday (HCM) and how those two services will interact seamlessly via a certified connector.

    Don’t miss out on Martin and Miguel taking you on a journey with unique insights into motivations, challenges, and learnings!

  • Networking Break: Meet the Experts
  • Optimizing Workforce Management in the SME Sector: A Guide for Workday Adaptive Planning with Capri Sun Group
    • Grigorios Ioannou

      Grigorios Ioannou

      HR Controlling & Compensation Manager, Capri Sun Group

    • Bianca Ranasekara

      Bianca Ranasekara

      HR Systems Manager, Capri Sun Group

    How can you leverage data to improve business efficiencies and guide your workforce through transformation?
    Join us to learn how to empower your organisation with our planning solutions – equipping you with the timely, actionable insights you need to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Navigating the Workday HCM Journey: Insights from Zühlke's Success Story
    • Richard Gafner

      Richard Gafner

      Principal Management Consultant, Zühlke

    • Philipp Hasler

      Philipp Hasler

      HR Project Lead / HR Digital Lead, Zühlke

    • Agata Laskowska

      Agata Laskowska

      Customer Account Director, Kainos

    Embark on a journey through Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) transformation with Zühlke and Kainos as your guide. Discover how they navigated strategic phases, from laying the groundwork to post-implementation optimisation.

    Gain insights into their approach to getting the basics right, aligning with business objectives, and leveraging innovation in recruiting and people analytics. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Zühlke's experiences and elevate your own HR strategies.

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  • SGS insight into their Workday Transformation
    • Keith Savage

      Keith Savage

      Head of Global HR Operations, SGS Société Générale de Surveillance

    • Sylvan Schmid

      Sylvan Schmid

      Senior Customer Strategy and Value Manager, Workday

    Hear how SGS successfully implemented Workday Human Capital Management in a phased approach in 121 countries for 100.000 employees and how this helped streamline their highly decentralized organization.

  • Supporting ambitious business growth: Lonza and Alight's Workforce Journey
    • Carsten Scheuba

      Carsten Scheuba

      Head Workforce Experience Design & Process Governance, Lonza

    • Dirk Burkamp

      Dirk Burkamp

      Regional Director DACH, Alight Solutions

    Explore the collaborative journey of Lonza and Alight as they strategically align HR initiatives to support Lonza’s organizational transformation. From the phased implementation of Workday HCM to seamless integration with Alight's Payroll and Time Tracking systems, discover how this partnership drives efficiency, enables new leadership insights and enhances the employee experience. Gain insights into lessons learned and future outlook how Lonza and Alight support future business growth.

  • oCHRO Roadmap and Highlights
    • Conal Markey

      Conal Markey

      Sr Director, Strategic Engagement, Workday

    • Vedrana Bogdan

      Vedrana Bogdan

      Manager, Solution Consulting, Workday

    What's new in 2024R1 and beyond? -
    New features not to miss

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  • Democratizing People Analytics
    • Adam Tombor

      Adam Tombor

      Global Head of People Analytics, Bank Julius Bär

    • Sebastian Hilbing

      Sebastian Hilbing

      Principal, Solution Consultant, Workday

    Prepare, reconcile, and access high volumes of data—no matter where they’re stored. Join this session and learn from Julius Bär how they dive deeper into their company data for better insights and decision making with Workday Prism Analytics.

  • Networking Break: Meet the Experts
  • Workday VNDLY: Leveraging the Contingent Workforce as a Strategic Lever in Achieving Total Workforce Optimisation
    • Sarah Hahn

      Sarah Hahn

      Product Specialist, Workday

    • Adam Navratil

      Adam Navratil

      Sr. Customer Strategy & Value Manager, Workday

    As 33% of organisations expect to increase their dependence on external workers, companies are now looking at their workforce in a holistic manner and realise the need to bring contingent workers into view in order to adopt a total workforce strategy. In this session, we’ll cover:

    • The transformative potential of Workday VNDLY, our vendor management system (VMS), in optimizing and streamlining the management of your external workforce and statement of work needs
    • How a VMS fits within your current workforce tech stack and the role Workday VNDLY plays in moving towards a total workforce approach
    • The value of a VMS and the tangible ROI companies have realised with Workday VNDLY


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  • Forward-looking for generations
    • René Latzer

      René Latzer

      Head Services & Digital Transformation, LGT Private Banking

    To execute with speed and agility, you and your IT teams need a purpose-built platform with low-code tools to rapidly compose new capabilities. Join this session and learn from LGT Private Banking, how they innovate responsibly by building AI-enabled apps with Workday Extend.

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  • Keynote "Anxious humans and stressed AI – how to stay calm in times of transformation"
    • Dr. Laura Wünsch

      Dr. Laura Wünsch

      Neuroscientist, Mental Health Advisor, New Ways of Working & DEI Expert

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