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Workday Elevate® is your opportunity to experience our innovation live, get hands-on with our products and learn how our customers have achieved breakthrough results.

Join us at Workday Elevate® to discover the trends driving change across industries, explore our single system for finance, HR, planning and analytics, and see how we’re helping organisations across the globe achieve new levels of success. Sign up now to be notified when details are available, or get in touch with us.

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Who should attend

Whether you’re just starting to explore Workday, or are a customer interested in discovering more, we have great content planned for finance, HR, IT and payroll professionals.

Just starting to explore?

Discover where business and technology are heading, and learn how your organisation can prepare for the future.

Currently evaluating Workday?

Hear our vision, experience our products and learn how we’re solving our customers’ challenges.

Already a customer?

If you’re a current Workday customer, Workday Elevate is a perfect opportunity to explore additional applications.

Can’t wait to see us? Find out where else we’ll be.