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Simple. Intuitive. And built for the future.

Difficult to use. Impossible to love. Why is business software such a pain? Shouldn’t enterprise applications be as simple to use as the consumer Internet? Why can’t they be visually appealing and easy to maintain? And why can’t they help you do your job more efficiently? Enter Workday. Our enterprise applications are simple, intuitive, and built for the cloud-computing and mobile revolutions.

Designed for the way you work.

Simple. Intuitive. No expertise required to quickly accomplish a task. These are the guiding design principles for Workday. We believe that enterprise applications should deeply engage people, not just solve business problems. That’s why Workday works like your favorite consumer website. It offers a delightful, informative, and simple user experience whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or a mobile device. In fact, we believe mobile is a native part of the user experience and shouldn’t cost extra.

No more disruptive, complex upgrades.

Moving to a new release of business software can be a daunting and risky initiative. Work disruption, downtime, cost, and difficult customizations top the list of concerns when upgrading. Workday removes this burden altogether. With Workday, you’re always on the most recent version. As we roll out new versions, your data automatically converts to the latest release. And all new capabilities come turned off, so you can adopt them on your own timeline. This greatly reduces the cost and effort for updates/upgrades, and allows your IT staff to focus on projects that drive your organization forward.

Less complexity to manage.

Other options on the market are often assembled from a variety of acquisitions and must be integrated to work together. The types of usage patterns that can be supported are restricted by what the integration can do. Workday's unified platform approach removes this complexity, eliminating the need for separate application and data integration infrastructure between applications. You can seamlessly share all data between Workday modules, and easily navigate between different areas of the system as your needs demand.

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"Simplicity drives execution."

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