VWR International

We needed a solution that was global at the core and would allow our business to scale without having to invest in additional resources and hardware. Our business case for Workday had to stand fully on the value it delivered for our company. We were not moving from an expensive legacy system, so cost was not enough to make the case.

— Paul Dumas, SVP, Human Resources


  • VWR wanted to move from a locally-focused and administrative set of HR processes to a unified, global HR system
  • They had 17 separate HR solutions and some countries had no system
  • Key HR practices such as job titles and salary administration were inconsistent
  • Problematic lack of visibility into the workforce and inability to do global reporting and analysis
  • Needed a solution that was flexible enough to support local regulatory and business requirements


  • Workday Human Capital Management, Payroll and Expenses
  • Platform supports a global workforce, including part-time, temporary, and contingent workers
  • Time and cost of implementation is lower with SaaS versus on-premise solutions
  • User interface is exceptionally easy to use, training requirements are minimal


  • A global, cohesive Human Capital Management system across over 25 countries
  • Managers can access consistent employee information and employees can access their own information, freeing HR from administrative tasks
  • Business leaders have real-time visibility into the global workforce, including then finance organization's Workday platform effectively supports local regulatory and business requirements
  • Streamlined global processes remove obstacles and improve employee performance
  • Common portal used by all employees provides a natural hub for enterprise collaboration
  • Remote associates can access information easily and securely

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VWR International, LLC, headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, is a global laboratory supply and distribution company with worldwide sales in excess of $4.1 billion in 2011. VWR enables the advancement of the world’s most critical research through the distribution of a highly diversified product line to most of the world's top pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as industrial, educational and governmental organizations. With 150 years of industry experience, VWR offers a well-established distribution network that reaches thousands of specialized labs and facilities spanning the globe. VWR has over 8,000 associates around the world working to streamline the way researchers across North America, Europe, and Asia stock and maintain their labs. In addition, VWR further supports its customers by providing onsite services, storeroom management, product procurement, supply chain systems integration and technical services. www.vwr.com.