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A unified solution for your entire campus.

Administrative systems in use at colleges and universities today were built for a pre-Internet generation. They require costly bolt-on applications to fill in functionality gaps, making them expensive to maintain, difficult to use, and too rigid to quickly adapt to higher education’s rapidly shifting landscape.

Workday is the only application built in this century and designed to stay current with your institution’s changing needs. It unifies financial management, human capital management, payroll, student services, faculty engagement and business intelligence. Workday brings the entire campus together under one modern, agile, easy-to-use system—all delivered in the cloud.

Workday has reinvented business applications to help institutions run more efficiently and effectively. With Workday, colleges and universities gain:

  • A truly unified solution designed specifically for higher education.
  • Accelerated pace of innovation with multi-tenant cloud delivery.
  • Agility and adaptability to keep up with changing needs.
  • Unprecedented visibility for greater insight and better decision making.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to information for increased productivity and constituent satisfaction.

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Truly unified and specifically designed for higher education.
  • Seamlessly share data between Workday applications without needing expensive, labor-intensive integrations.
  • Easily manage non-traditional academic periods and teaching models with Workday’s flexible architecture.
  • Meet diverse and unique organizational requirements, both now and as changes occur, with easily configurable business processes.
  • Improve visibility into your institution's most important resources with comprehensive faculty information capabilities, such as appointment and tenure tracking.
  • Keep students on track to reach their academic objectives with alerts, pathways, and guided wizards.
Accelerated pace of innovation.
  • Dramatically reduce costs and increase time to value with true cloud delivery—no on-premises hardware or software to manage.
  • Leverage continuous innovation with weekly bug fixes and twice-yearly enhancements delivered in hours, not days or weeks.
  • Increase user adoption with a modern, consistent interface similar to today’s consumer Internet experience.
  • Easily share reports, best practices, and integrations—all Workday customers are on the same software version.
Anytime, anywhere access to information.
  • Meet constituent expectations with self-service delivered via smartphone, tablet, and desktop.
  • Increase productivity with on-the-go access to reports, dashboards, contacts, tasks, and more.
  • Improve security and performance with mobile-first design—no data is stored on the device.
Agility and adaptability for changing needs.
  • Keep up with regulatory requirements, new policies, and changes in organizational structure with an easily configurable business process framework.
  • Ensure transparency and accountability with real-time, always-on audits of every transaction.
  • Optimize efficiency with more than 300 business processes developed from industry best practices.
  • Minimize reliance on IT for report generation and business process changes, freeing time for IT to focus on strategic initiatives for the institution.
Unprecedented insight for better decision making.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of the institution with built-in reporting tools and real-time, actionable analytics.
  • Allocate labor costs across different accounting dimensions, including grants, fund, program, project, and/or customer defined dimension.
  • Maintain compliance with external reporting requirements, and ensure proper stewardship of funds and strong financial controls.


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