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Human Resource Management

Your people matter the most.

Now there’s a smarter, more efficient way to handle all of your people-related activities. Workday Human Resource Management offers intuitive, self-service features to help you effectively organize, staff, and pay your global workforce. Manage the full hire-to-retire lifecycle in one simple, easy-to-use system.

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Getting to a Single View of the Truth

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Workday Is a Leader in SaaS HRMS

Workday Is a Leader in SaaS HRMS

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Organization management.

Getting an accurate headcount should not be one of your most difficult tasks. Workday Organization Management enables you to easily and accurately model and analyze your workforce by multiple business dimensions.

  • Model multiple types of organizations independently & simultaneously (company, department, supervisory, cost center, matrix)
  • Manage staffing of both employees and contingent labor in one place
  • Configure organization workflows using Workday's business process framework
  • Reorganize at any time—past, present, or future—without relying on IT
Compensation management.

Connecting the dots between employee performance and compensation just got easier. Workday Compensation Management enables you to design, manage, and adjust compensation programs to meet your complex global rewards requirements.

  • Make better compensation decisions with contextual decision support
  • Define and manage global compensation components, including base pay, variable pay, equity, and allowances
  • Pay for performance based on multiple factors, including organization, team performance, and individual performance
Absence management.

Managing attendance and leave policies can be an administrative nightmare if left to outdated, convoluted processes. Workday Absence Management allows you to manage your organization's global time-off and absence policies through automation, visibility, and intuitive self-service.

  • Track and report time-off requests, balances, and accruals in real time with seamless unification to Workday Time Tracking
  • Automate rules and calculations to create a consistent language of absence functions across your organization
  • Provide an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service interface for employees to actively check and request time off
  • Empower managers and administrators with delivered reports and the ability to easily track their worker population across various leave types

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