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Mise à jour Workday 4 : paie et autres produits (anglais)

WALNUT CREEK, CA--(Marketwire - May 19, 2008) - Workday's update 4 is focused on expanding the footprint of our business services as we work to meet the needs of global midsized businesses and large enterprises.

What's New

-- Payroll: For enterprises, Payroll is tightly coupled to human resources solutions, making it a key requirement for large organizations as they transition from aging on-premise systems to Workday's on-demand business services. Workday Payroll is available in pre-production to select customers and will be generally available in fall 2008. Workday customer McKee Foods is the pilot customer for Payroll.

-- Human Capital Management: New capabilities include absence management and matrix (dotted-line) management.

-- Business Management: Workday is introducing expense management, procurement and resource and asset management. These new solutions are focused on the needs of organizations in the services industries.

-- Enterprise Foundation: Workday continues to build out the underlying capabilities that support its business services.


   -- Workday has extended the functionality of its Business Process
      Framework, with additional configurability options, including
      connections to third-party applications, designed to meet the unique
      and changing needs of customers.

   -- Building on the recent acquisition of Cape Clear Software, Workday
      now offers live Web services integration to Excel and simple two-way
      Web services connections to third-party applications.

   -- Workday also provides the ability to bring custom reports into a
      user-configurable home page as Worklets™.

Comments on the News

"This Spring update is a major milestone for Workday as we can now span the major capabilities -- human resources and payroll -- that global enterprises require to manage a company's most important asset -- their people," said Aneel Bhusri, co-founder and president of Workday. "We are pleased to have the deep customer support from partners such as McKee Foods to help us bring new solutions to market.

"As importantly, we continue to build out Workday's Business Management footprint with tools for managing contemporary services businesses. Additions such as expense management and procurement will offer customers a broad solution for supporting and managing their operations as we put more emphasis on our go-to-market for these solutions in the second half of 2008."

"We're pleased to be collaborating closely with Workday on the requirements for this new payroll solution," said Mark Newsome, senior Corporate Human Resources manager of McKee Foods. "We subscribed to Workday's services for the unique combination of innovative business solutions and true partnership. This development process represents the value of Workday's approach and McKee is excited about future opportunities to work together."


Workday Payroll delivers complete payroll processing coupled with Workday's Human Capital Management and Business Management solutions. Built on an entirely new model, the system leverages a global calculation engine and payroll framework. This flexible foundation allows Workday to rapidly localize payroll for regions and countries without the expensive redevelopment efforts associated with traditional on-premise systems. Workday also delivers packaged integration to outsourced payroll providers.

Human Capital Management

New additions to Workday Human Capital Management include:

-- Absence Management: Built on the same core calculation engine as Workday Payroll, Absence Management is fully rules-based and configurable, managing eligibility, accrual and leave balances. It also supports leave of absence as well as employee self-service and manager reporting.

-- Matrix Management: Workday now supports the complex reporting relationships that are typical of large organizations. Matrix manager allows 'dotted-line' reporting, while maintaining supervisory organizations. Companies and workers can track, view and report matrixed organizations, and matrix managers can be included in human resources and other business processes.

-- Translation and localization: Workday employee self service is now available in French and Spanish and name and address formats have been extended to support more than 75 countries. Workday has also delivered support for global job and worker information. Workday will continue to aggressively expand its global capabilities through 2008 and beyond.

-- Workday has completed integrations to Taleo Business Edition for recruiting and to Kronos Workforce Timekeeper to deliver worker information for time and attendance. Workday also connects to to automatically activate and deactivate users at hire or termination events.

Business Management

Capabilities in the Workday Business Management suite now include:

-- Procurement: Workday supports the complete Procure-to-Pay process of the contemporary knowledge worker and services organization, supporting purchasing of everything from PCs and office supplies to contingent labor.

-- Expenses: Workday combines a contemporary, Web 2.0 user experience with the worker, accounting and workflow controls required for global enterprises. The Expenses solution shares the Workday HCM object model, allowing direct repayment of workers without redundantly setting up employees as suppliers.

-- Resource and Asset Management: Workday consolidates the tracking, management and accounting for all physical and intangible resources, such as fixed assets, inventory, leases, licenses and expensed items. By separating the financial and tracking decisions, it allows all business resources to be accounted for according to accounting rules and tracked according to business use.

-- Workday now integrates to OpenAir for professional services automation and includes BAI2 bank statement integration and NACHA - ACH PPD payment formats for employee expenses.

Enterprise Foundation

-- The Workday Business Process Framework enables business people to create, modify, execute and monitor sophisticated business processes across Workday services and integrated third-party solutions. Workday now offers about 100 pre-configured business processes that can be modified to meet the needs of organizations and work groups.

-- Enhanced reporting: Workday's report writer allows three additional ways for individuals and organizations to leverage information stored in Workday:


   -- Reports-as-a-service: with a click of a button, any custom report
      within Workday can be exported to a third-party application via RSS
      or a REST-based Web service, enabling a seamless connection to
      productivity applications such as Microsoft® Excel®.  Workday
      roles and security are maintained, so a spreadsheet shared among
      users will automatically populate with the data appropriate for each

   -- Enterprise Interface Builder: Workday enables Web services
      connections to productivity applications for exporting and importing
      data into the Workday system.  When managers complete a bonus
      worksheet in Excel®, for example, they can now instantly upload
      their allocations back into Workday.

   -- Custom Worklets™: users can now take their custom reports and turn
      them into Worklets, our term for small windows into the information
      resources people want to track in their daily jobs.  Worklets can be
      part of a user configurable 'home' page and can be shared among
      people, while retaining role-based permissions.

About Workday

Workday is delivering the first on-demand alternative to ERP, with a new generation of solutions designed to meet the needs of today's dynamic and global businesses. Built on a completely new model, Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Business Management use the most modern, standards-based technologies to provide an unparalleled level of agility, ease-of-use, and integration capability. For more information about Workday, please visit

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