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Workday présente une nouvelle génération d'ERP à la demande (anglais)

Dave Duffield’s New Company Launches and Announces First Hosted HCM Solution, Customers and Partners

WALNUT CREEK, CALIF. - November 6, 2006 – Workday, Inc., founded in March 2005 by Dave Duffield and a recognized team of ERP veterans, makes its debut today, introducing Workday Enterprise Business Service™, the first in a new generation of on-demand ERP software solutions, and the general availability of its first suite, Workday Human Capital Management™. Taking a fresh, modern approach, the company aims to provide mid- to large-sized companies with a compelling alternative to traditional enterprise software. The launch, to be held in a webcast today at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, also includes an announcement of the company’s initial customers and business partners.

Duffield has a successful track record of building companies and creating new markets for business software. He founded PeopleSoft, Inc., which became known as the popular leader in its category in the 1990s, as well as three other successful business software companies. He co-founded Workday with Aneel Bhusri, a long-time colleague and executive at PeopleSoft.

“The combination of today’s dynamic business environment and major technology advancements has offered us a great opportunity to create a new breed of ERP—one that is not beholden to aging technologies and business models,” said Dave Duffield, CEO and co-founder. “In addition to the initial availability of Workday Human Capital Management, we are pleased to be announcing our first two production customers and an important set of strategic partnerships.”

The Emerging Need for Workday Enterprise Business Services

Dating back to the early 1990s, traditional ERP software packages were built for the back office. These traditional packages require extensive integration with existing IT infrastructures and involve costly and time-consuming implementations. Worse yet, they have become increasingly difficult to maintain and upgrade yielding little business value for the investments made. Today’s workforce has also evolved and is far more decentralized, globally dispersed, collaborative, and on-line, requiring flexible new systems to help people get their jobs done. Workday Enterprise Business Services are the first in a new breed of business services aimed at addressing these needs.

“The convergence of technology trends such as Web 2.0, open source, web services, on demand, and object-oriented development, along with other changes in the workplace, has created the need for a new platform,” said Aneel Bhusri, co-founder of Workday. “With our domain expertise, Workday has set out to build a new generation of ERP solutions that offer unparalleled agility and ease-of-use at a much lower total cost of ownership.”

Workday Enterprise Business Services are comprised of four suites of services, the first of which, Human Capital Management, is being announced and is generally available today. The subsequent suites—Workday Financial Management™, Workday Resource Management™ and Workday Revenue Management™—will be rolled out beginning in 2007. All of the Workday Enterprise Business Services share a common foundation:

  • On demand: offers web-based delivery, multi-tenant architecture, 24x7x365 availability, and enhanced security
  • Agile and Global: quickly adapts to meet your changing business needs
  • Intuitive: built for today’s generation of information workers; offers native reporting and analytical tools to help businesses make more timely and informed decisions
  • Built-in Auditing: enables tracking of all changes for governance/compliance purposes
  • Web Services Integration: offers out-of-the-box, standards-based integration capabilities, minimizing complexity and implementation time


Introducing Workday Human Capital Management

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), the first service to be offered by Workday, is an on-demand solution that helps businesses dynamically align their people and organizations to adapt to fast-changing business strategies. With Workday, organizational changes that typically require weeks or months of IT support can now be done independently in hours or days by authorized business managers.

Built around a flexible organizational model and capable of managing all types of workers, Workday HCM addresses key functional areas such as Staffing, Compensation and Performance Management and is generally available as of today, November 6, 2006.

Workday Early Customers

Workday is pleased to announce its first two production customers: San Diego, California-based Biosite, Incorporated (Nasdaq:BSTE), a leading provider of novel rapid medical diagnostics products and antibody development technologies and KANA Software (Nasdaq: KANA), a Menlo-Park, California-based leader in multi-channel customer service.

“Biosite chose Workday after evaluating many alternatives,” said Suzanne Zoumaras, head of worldwide human resources, Biosite, “While our business is fast-paced, our information technology systems were old and inflexible. We chose Workday because it was the only solution we found that actually increased rather than limited our possibilities.”

KANA Software chose Workday to replace its current legacy systems. “Working with the former PeopleSoft team, I expected superior service and attention,” said Mike Fields, CEO, KANA. “What I didn’t expect was to be up and running so quickly with such significant, relevant functionality.”

At the time of launch, Workday has signed a total of five customers and expects to announce additional customers in the coming months.

Strategic Partnerships

Workday is also announcing key alliances with Microsoft, Accenture, ADP and Cape Clear.

Microsoft: Strategic Development Partner: Workday and Microsoft have begun the efforts to provide seamless integration of Microsoft Office with Workday solutions. The initial focus will be on integration with Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and will be available in 2007.

Accenture: Preferred Integration Partner: Workday and Accenture are teaming to implement Workday Enterprise Business Services for customers looking for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. As such, Accenture has begun training its technology consultants on Workday products and technology.

ADP: Interface Partner: ADP and Workday have collaborated to build a web services-based integration between Workday HCM and ADP’s PayForcesm payroll offering. These integrations are in production and will be packaged for use by future customers.

Cape Clear: Technology Partner: Workday has chosen to embed Cape Clear’s open, standards-based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Platform, enabling customers to quickly and seamlessly integrate Workday with 3rd party applications using state-of-the-art web services and SOA technologies.

About Workday
Workday is the leader in SaaS-based enterprise solutions for global human resources and financial management, providing new levels of business agility for a fraction of the cost of buying, deploying and maintaining legacy on-premise systems. More than 100 customers, spanning mid-sized organizations to global Fortune 500 businesses, have selected Workday. Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Financial Management use modern, standards-based technologies to provide an unparalleled level of agility, ease-of-use, and integration capability. For more information about Workday, please visit

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