Realise and increase the value
of your investment.

We provide the services you need to get the most value from your Workday investment.

Customer Success Management

Once you are live on Workday, Customer Success Management provides advisers to ensure our customers are successful. With a Customer Success Manager at your side, you can become more self-sufficient. You will also learn how to best take advantage of Workday products and services once you are live on Workday so you can realise maximum value sooner.

Premium Customer Success

For customers interested in having a dedicated adviser, Workday offers the Premium Customer Success service. One of its principal activities is to guide and advise you on the development of strategic and tactical road maps. We work with you to understand your long and short-term needs, advise you on Workday’s product development plans, and help you to identify Workday products and features that will help you achieve your strategic objectives.

Feature Adoption Blueprint (FAB)

From our initial engagement with you we emphasise the importance of not just looking at your current needs, but also future requirements. Workday’s Feature Adoption Blueprint (FAB) ensures that you have visibility into your current usage. It also sets out a plan for the future based on your company’s goals and initiatives, and helps you optimise for functionality not initially deployed in your phase one deployment.

Enablement tools and services

Enablement Services helps you maximise the value of your Workday investment. We offer a wide variety of services to help meet your needs – from determining if a new feature or application is a good fit, to rolling out new functionality or additional products. Our people, framework, and knowledge sharing can help you realise value sooner by optimising and extending your Workday solution.

Jumpstart Services

A design-focused engagement preparing you for a successful deployment by delivering a detailed design guide and deployment approach.

Review & Recommend

A detailed review of your Workday configuration and identification of new ways to optimise your Workday solution.

Deployment Services

Accelerated services to guide you with configuration and roll-out of new functionality.