Workday Adaptive Planning vs. SAP BPC

Break free from SAP BPC 

Get ahead with a faster, smarter planning solution. With up to 2x to 3x faster deployment time, Workday Adaptive Planning gives you the quickest time to value.

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Move forward faster

The future of work calls for a planning solution that gives you the power to adapt at scale. Workday Adaptive Planning delivers an intuitive user experience with AI and machine learning (ML) at the core, so you can make faster and smarter decisions. 

  • User-friendly experience

  • Finance owned and managed solution

  • Inuitive, self-service reporting

  • Open, connected, extensible platform

  • Smarter and faster work with embedded AI and ML

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SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

Run into roadblocks

Finance faces hurdle after hurdle with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation. With a complicated user experience that requires dedicated support and cumbersome reporting capabilities that inhibit accuracy – your organisation is left to fall behind. 

  • Complex user experience requiring technical skills

  • IT managed solution

  • Time-consuming reporting

  • Limited integrations with non-SAP data sources

  • Limited AI and ML 

Over 6,150 customers achieve amazing results.


Smarter plans. Faster decisions. Richer insights. 


faster planning cycle time*

2x to 3x faster

time to value

1 of 27 experts

on the U.S. Department of Commerce National AI Advisory Committee

*93% of Workday Adaptive Planning customers accelerate planning cycle-time by 30% or more.



Better planning for bigger possibilities 

Workday Adaptive Planning delivers everything you need to plan collaboratively, improve decision-making and accelerate your business.

Easily connect data across your business

With our built-in integration framework, you can seamlessly sync data from your CRM, ERP, HCM and other systems – no need for any third-party tools.

Empower your entire team – IT not required

Drive broad user adoption with an intuitive user interface and self-service reports that make it easy for everyone to plan, without dedicated support.

Boost accuracy, maximise efficiency

Leverage AI and ML to automatically surface anomalies and increase the accuracy of your budgets and forecasts.

Stay agile no matter what lies ahead

Quickly model complex scenarios so you can keep up as your business grows – without compromising performance.

“When we implemented Workday Adaptive Planning, we went from 300 users in various business areas down to 100 users just in finance. That lessened churning, removed duplicated efforts and made our forecasts more accurate.”

– Kelly Harris, Finance Project Lead, Lexmark

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