Accounting and Finance

Account, close and analyse all in one system.

Workday Financial Management provides robust finance and accounting capabilities, real-time business insight, and always-on audit and internal controls.

View consolidated results throughout the period.

Analyse activity across meaningful operational dimensions.

Make decisions with live accounting results and real-time variance analysis.

Reach new levels of finance efficiency.

  • Quickly respond to anomalies with in-memory accounting and reporting.
  • Configure business processes to manage change, without IT help or customisation.
  • Meet multinational requirements with country-specific configurations, language translations, and multi-entity, multi-book, and multi-currency support.
  • Ensure security and compliance with internal controls and always-on audit.

Gain deeper, dimensional insight.

Combine transactions and reporting to deliver deep insight across finance and HR.

  • Easily share results with dashboards, scorecards, and configurable KPIs.
  • Analyse real-time data in a familiar spreadsheet interface.
  • Access reports and dashboards on any device.

Consolidate and close in real time.

  • Support ownership scenarios, such as investment in a subsidiary, non-controlling interest activity, and equity pickup.
  • Reconcile and certify account balances without moving data.
  • Consolidate results from non-Workday systems for a full view of your operations.

Better control your cash flow.

  • Manage payments with one settlement engine.
  • Track and manage your bank accounts, including bank signatories, activity, fees, and cash position.
  • Automatically reconcile bank statements.
  • Accurately forecast cash flow using embedded analytics.

Manage all assets, from acquisition to disposal.

  • Create multiple asset books to meet different accounting standards.
  • Define, track, and account for tangible, intangible, and composite assets.
  • Assign items to workers to prevent cost leakage and security risks.