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Tackle GDPR with Workday

Workday helps to make compliance with regulatory changes, including GDPR, easier. We provide a single, cloud-based HR system to manage employee data—giving you complete, real-time insight and superior control over sensitive information. All of which adds up to fewer headaches and better ways to handle all kinds of change.

Navigate global data privacy challenges.

With the right infrastructure from Workday in place, your organization can rise to the challenge of GDPR.

Watch this video from Workday Rising 2017 to learn how our European customers are using Workday to prepare for GDPR, assess privacy impact, inventory data, and make the most of the new changes.

Prepare for GDPR compliance and beyond.

Only one-third of companies are on track to be compliant with GDPR by the May 2018 due date. How will companies like yours prepare to meet the biggest change in data privacy laws in 20 years? Watch this webinar “Critical Actions to Finalize Your GDPR Compliance Program” to learn how industry experts are preparing for GDPR and long-term data protection.

As for GDPR, it’s given us peace of mind, but we know there’s more to compliance. There’s a lot of manual work and process work needed as well. But we now have a foundation to being compliant with employee data, to manage information about our people, globally, in a professional way. And as we continue to expand globally, there’s an increased need for sharing people data across borders—something that can be very hard to do without a foundation like this.

Turn GDPR into an opportunity for HR. 

Say goodbye to disparate systems, multiple employee databases, and numerous security models. With Workday, you gain one system to streamline GDPR compliance and bring unexpected benefits to HR.

View the GDPR & HR infographic to see all the ways Workday takes the complexity out of compliance.

Our mission is to support Alfa Laval’s strategy by providing greater visibility into our global workforce, which will empower the business with data-driven insights and agility. Workday HCM will streamline the current system landscape and help Alfa Laval gain control of personal data, which is critical for fulfilling General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

Take control of compliance. 

Workday provides a data protection and security framework that puts you in charge of your HR data. As we process the data—and you control it—you can manage user access, flexibly remove data to meet “the right to be forgotten,” and monitor activity.

Watch the "Workday GDPR Briefing" webinar to learn how we build compliance and privacy into everything we do, helping you ease your journey to GDPR compliance.

Workday is built with compliance in mind.