Workday Student Courses

Students, start your lessons. Everything you need to learn about Workday Student is presented here in ways that allow you to quickly grasp the fundamentals. No lengthy, difficult material to read or courses to complete. Just short, easy, and informative learning experiences.

Student 101: The Rules of Student Attraction

The first subject in our ever-growing catalog of resources is Workday Recruiting. In this quick, fun SlideShare session, you’ll learn how Workday Recruiting can help you:

  • Find the right students
  • Meet your enrollment goals
  • Reduce recruiting costs
Student 201: Optimize Your Admission Processes

With Workday Student Admissions, your institution can adapt quickly to change and meet targeted enrollment goals. Watch this SlideShare session to learn how Workday Student Admissions can help you:

  • Streamline the admissions process
  • Quickly identify challenges facing incoming students
  • Find prospects that reflect your institution’s goals
Student 301: The Link Between Life and Learning

With Workday Student Curriculum Management, you now have what you need to easily create, manage, and maintain the full spectrum of courses or learning units your institution offers—in and out of the classroom.

  • Modernize your curriculum management, student records, and enrollment functions.
  • Support fixed-academic and date-driven calendars.
  • Easily track nontraditional learning outcomes and competencies. 
Student 401: Increase Student Engagement

Looking for a better way to keep your students involved, on track, and meeting their academic requirements and goals? Workday Student Advising helps you ensure student success. 

  • Get real-time alerts if students stray from their academic plan.
  • Update and customize academic plans as needed.
  • Eliminate old, paper-driven manual advising processes.
Student 501: Manage Financial Aid More Effectively

Workday Student Financial Aid helps to dynamically streamline the entire financial aid administration cycle—ensuring education accessibility and success for your students.

  • Provide a seamless experience for students and financial aid officers.
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy with automated financial aid packaging and repackaging.
  • Allow students to view financial aid offers, accept or decline awards, and make tuition deposits.
Student 601: Streamline Student Information and Financials

With Workday Student Financials, you have an automated financial aid management software that allows you to see and manage the full student, from financial aid to enrollment status, payments to tuition. 

  • View and take action on all financial obligations via mobile or desktop.
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency of all student financial transactions.
  • Gain the insight and visibility you need.

Some really great resources are on their way.

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