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Human Capital Management

Embrace change with HR technology.

When change in the workplace occurs, it’s HR’s opportunity to shine. Through HR technology, you can help your organization embrace change and meet its business objectives. See how Workday enables you to adapt, and why Gartner named us a leader in cloud HCM suites for midmarket and large enterprises two years in a row.

Workday Ranked #1 in Vendor Satisfaction and User Experience
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CXO TALK: Industry Analysts Evaluate Workday
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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud HCM Suites
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Master the art of transformation.

Change doesn’t have to be scary or disruptive. Read “Building the Capacity to Change,” a report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, to learn the strongest catalysts for change among companies and how you can use new technology to expedite growth and achieve your desired outcomes.

Put your workforce technology to work.

Mastering digital HR transformation isn’t easy. To realize the true value of technology, you need a solid strategy.

Watch the HR Master Class: Workforce Technology video series with Jason Averbook, CEO and co-founder of Leapgen and a leading HR analyst, to gain insight into reshaping the world of work and key steps for developing a digital strategy.

Take a different HR approach.

Adapting to change requires new strategies and new ways of thinking. Watch the videocast with Patty McCord, one of the world’s most influential HR leaders, to learn innovative strategies for taking on the new world of work—and creating a dynamic organization.

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We almost made the decision to stick to the familiar world of what we had. Thank goodness we didn’t. We now have HR, payroll, and financials in one application, thanks to Workday.

Director of HR/Financial Apps