Foundation Tenant Service Terms


Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms used in this Foundation Tenant Service Terms Addendum (“Addendum”) have the same meaning as set forth in the Master Subscription Agreement (“MSA”), including the Data Processing Exhibit. This Addendum defines the additional activities and applicable terms and conditions for the Foundation Tenant Service (“FTS”) that are provided by Workday at no additional charge. These FTS deployment assistance activities as further described below are not available separate from the subscription to the SKUs identified as “LDP” SKUs on the Order Form referencing this Addendum and may not be available for all Service SKUs.

1.     FTS Activities. The following Workday assistance activities (“FTS Activities”) are consulting services, not software-as-a-service applications; accordingly, they are not part of the Service.

Foundation Tenant Service Program Description.

              i.        Scope review and confirmation with Customer;

             ii.        Customer orientation to FTS process;

            iii.        Initial Tenant assembly based upon preliminary Customer-provided configuration input;

            iv.        Support of Customer’s data validation efforts (Customer is responsible for all data validation activities);

             v.        Support of Customer’s initial data load;

            vi.        Confirmation of data in initial Tenant configuration;

           vii.        Initial Tenant configuration adjustment (limited to originally confirmed scope and data);

          viii.        Initial Tenant readiness check; and

            ix.        Transition to professional services provider if Workday is not providing implementation services.

2.     General Terms and Conditions Applicable to FTS. Customer will assign a project sponsor independent of project management to resolve issues impacting the FTS project. All Customer project resources will be clearly identified at the scope review and confirmation session. Customer understands that the initial configuration of the Tenant through use of FTS Activities will be aligned to the Customer-provided configuration input. All content provided through such process is the sole responsibility of Customer. Customer is responsible for correcting data issues and Tenant assembly errors due to erroneous or incomplete data submitted by Customer through the Workday conversion framework. Customer is solely responsible for i) gathering data; ii) ensuring data is cleaned, de-duplicated, and validated; iii) providing data through the Workday conversion framework; iv) correcting data inaccuracies; and v) ensuring that all security settings and security configuration are accurate. The warranty to Documentation set forth in the MSA applies to the Service and is not applicable to the FTS Activities. Instead, Workday warrants that its provision of the FTS Activities will be in a professional and workmanlike manner, carried out with reasonable skill and care. In the event of a breach of this warranty, Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy will be Workday’s re-performance of the non-conforming work at no additional charge to Customer. Customer Data will receive the protections identified in the MSA. As consulting services, FTS Activities are Professional Services under the Data Processing Exhibit and Security Exhibit to the MSA. If Workday provides Customer with any access to software as part of the FTS Activities, the right to use such software shall be in accordance with the grant of rights to use the Service, and such software may only be used in conjunction with Customer’s authorized use of the Service.  Either party’s breach of this Addendum shall be subject to the aggregate liability limits and exclusions as set forth in the MSA.