This report defines the next generation system of record, outlining the changes and challenges with current technology and discusses how continuous innovation has now become critical for any “new” system of record. The result: SaaS-based ERP solutions now offer a compelling advantage for companies looking for a more flexible and innovative path to managing their workforce.

“Innovation is defined as the introduction of new things or methods. In comparing traditional ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, and Oracle-PeopleSoft versus modern, SaaS-based ERP systems such as Workday, innovation is palpable. SaaS-based ERP solutions like Workday are innovating at a pace unmatched by traditional ERP vendors.”

– Jason Corsello, Knowledge Infusion
“The Continuous Innovation Advantage of Software-As-A-Service”

New technology and innovation are forcing companies to rethink their ERP strategy. SaaS is now mainstream; it has emerged as the next generation of technology for companies of all sizes and industries. Learn the reasons why in this informative report.

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