The next generation of ERP for HR is here.

In this report, Jason Corsello of Knowledge Infusion outlines the advantages of SaaS solutions for HR organizations. These include:

Cost savings. Customers who have moved to SaaS are recognizing cost savings greater than 50% over a 5-year period.

Continuous innovation. SaaS vendors typically release 3 to 4 updates each year, compared to ERP vendors that release new functionality every 2 to 3 years.

Faster updates. Workday customers estimate updates took less than 10% of the effort (time and cost) of traditional ERP upgrades.

Configuration and change management. With SaaS, changes are made quickly through an easy-to-use interface and do not require modification to the source code.

New technology and innovation are forcing companies to rethink their ERP strategy. SaaS is now mainstream-it has emerged as the next generation of technology for companies of all sizes and industries. Learn the reasons why in this informative report.

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