Workday and RXP Group

With approximately 600 people across 4 states in Australia (Vic, NSW, ACT, Tas) and more than 100 clients, RXP Group brings together specializations in creativity, design, insights, and technology. This allows the company to go above and beyond to imagine, design, and then deliver effective, long-lasting solutions to complex problems. At its simplest, RXP delivers digital transformation via its ability to connect expression, experience, and enablement.

With the integrated project automation to our finance functions, our finance teams now have the ability to generate invoices faster, which means we also get to receive cash faster.

Jared Hill

Group Executive, Digital Services and Delivery

  • Disjointed employee experience

  • Multiple, disconnected systems resulting in duplicated tasks

  • Clunky and outdated processes that couldn’t keep up with its complex digital transformation projects

  • Lack of accurate data to support sophisticated financial management and planning

  • Rudimentary finance system was not tightly integrated to project tracking and time sheeting systems, making it difficult to track and manage projects

  • Systems that were unable to support career development

  • Significantly reduced its billing cycle by as much as 50%

  • Single source of the truth, with no data disputes

  • Integrated project automation and reduced manual handling

  • Cohesive, modern employee experience

  • Faster finance reporting and enhanced performance visibility

  • Dramatic uplift in career development capabilities

  • Project profitability planning, tracking, and reconciliation

  • Faster time to bill and cash conversion