Workday and M Health Fairview

M Health Fairview is a nonprofit, integrated health system with 34,000+ employees and a network of 5,000+ providers. Fairview’s broad continuum includes academic and community hospitals, primary and specialty care clinics, senior and long-term care facilities, retail and specialty pharmacies, pharmacy benefit management services, rehabilitation centers, counseling and home health care services, an integrated provider network, and health insurer PreferredOne.

Workday products: Enterprise Planning

With Workday Adaptive Planning, we were able to automate our above-the-line system allocations, and see instantaneously the impact of any changes.

System Director of Financial Planning

Multibillion-Dollar Health System Transforms FP&A Process with Cloud Platform

M Health Fairview, a multibillion-dollar health system serving communities throughout Minnesota, provides comprehensive medical, laboratory, surgical, senior care, and other services in 56 primary care clinics and 12 hospitals. Rapid growth resulting from mergers and acquisitions left the finance team struggling to manage increasingly complex revenue streams, expense allocations, and budgeting processes.

With the help of IntuitiveTEK, a Workday Adaptive Planning technical consultant and trusted advisor, M Health Fairview found the robust, intuitive, comprehensive financial planning platform it needed in Workday Adaptive Planning. With Workday Adaptive Planning, Fairview was able to streamline reporting, analysis, and other FP&A processes to put what-if scenarios and key reporting capabilities into the hands of decision-makers.


With Workday Adaptive Planning, we were able to automate our above-the-line system allocations, and see instantaneously the impact of any changes. Before, we had to update everything manually and hope everything was error-free.

System Director of Financial Planning


  • Manual, time-consuming planning processes—Due to rapid growth, M Health Fairview’s complex portfolio of financial models was increasingly difficult to manage within the constraints of manual spreadsheets, inefficient processes, and planning systems.
  • Cumbersome reporting—Complex data streams spread across clinics, hospitals, and other sites made determining revenue projections, discount rates, and allocations exceedingly challenging, and analysis and insights nearly impossible.
  • Lack of collaboration—Because the reporting systems were overly cumbersome to use, spreadsheets were emailed around, and few people had visibility into the process, making collaboration extremely difficult.


  • Automated processes and calculations—By automating FP&A processes with Workday Adaptive Planning, M Health Fairview has significantly reduced cycle times that sped up plan consolidations from weeks to hours, allowing for agile reporting and quicker course corrections.
  • Faster, more accurate reporting—Using the Workday Adaptive Planning OfficeConnect capability, finance now generates reports and analysis in minutes and creates executive-ready reports in a few hours.
  • Collaborative approach to finance tasks—the Workday Adaptive Planning intuitive framework gives stakeholders greater visibility into budgets, forecasts, and reports, and increases cohesiveness and collaboration between departments.

With the Workday Adaptive Planning robust reporting capability, we can drag and drop department-level data into the OfficeConnect interface and create unique rollups on the fly without manually adding spreadsheets or submitting IT tickets.

System Director of Financial Planning