Workday and Evotec

Evotec SE is a leading player in the drug discovery field with over 20 years of experience, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. With more than 3,000 employees globally, the company operates largely through external alliances with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic institutions, patient advocacy groups, and venture capitalists. Evotec’s leading scientific experts develop best-in-class and state-of-the-art therapeutics and technologies in the areas of neuroscience, diabetes, oncology, and infectious diseases.

Workday provided us a single global process for several areas of the business, streamlining our processes which helped us to create true alignment between our teams globally.

Cyril Guitter

Head of Global HRIS, Evotec


See the infographic to learn how Evotec has benefited using Workday products.

  • Rapid growth through acquisitions meant many separate systems, resulting in inconsistencies and a lack of transparency.
  • HR needed to reduce transactional burdens and processes.
  • Significant productivity advances.
  • Improved data quality and reporting driving better decision-making.
  • Less manual work and a full alignment between teams.
  • Faster onboarding of new employees.